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2D Icons Facts

By: Stan Lem   
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Being originally based on vector graphics devices 2D computer graphics traces back to the 50s. Nowadays 2D Icons are among the most significant two-dimensional digital design items.

Let's find out what actually 2D is. It's being associated usually with computer graphics and determined as the two-dimensional way of digital images generation. Two-dimensional models are mostly 2D geometric ones, digital images and texts. The term "2D" includes not only the models themselves but the techniques and tricks specific to them as well.

The essence of 2D Icons

2D Icons and objects don't just depict the real world items but are independent objects with their own semantic value. 2D graphics enables us to get much more direct control of the image than 3D technology. This one of the reasons why they are so preferred in the world of contemporary web site design.
2d Icons as well as other objects are famous for their flexibility. This is achieved by the peculiarity of rendering them at different resolutions ideal for various output devices.2D Icons may embody the next items:
-raster pictures (digital graphics);
-styled text as a typeset for 2D Icons;
-vector models (geometric graphics).
The above-mentioned items can be managed by 2D transformations for example rotation, scaling or angular position and many others. Meshing simple models you will get more complex ones.
As a result of layers technique 2D Icons can create the illusion of all 3D characteristics such as shadow, reflection or highlighting. The layers should keep the definite hierarchy and order carefully.

2.5D Icons vs 3D and 2D Icons

The layered 2Dicons are also known as 2.5D models. This technology gives web site designers ability to work with any layer with no need of touching the others. The most of the well known graphics editors prefer this type of 2D object creation.
2.5D is a synonym to pseudo 3D and is interpreted as "two-and-a-half-dimensional" graphics. Models which were built with a help of with 2.5D technology appear to be tridimensional while in fact they're not. The featured projection represents both front and side views.
This technology used for designing 2D Icons is usually attained by the special lighting effect. 3D illusion can be reached as a result of virtual light source to the left or to the right side and above the users monitor.

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