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5 Key Elements of e-Mentoring

By: Darius Hatami   
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An increasing number of companies are depending on their mentoring software to establish working relationships between their employees. More specifically, users often work under the assumption that software solutions will exclusively actuate strong and resilient mentor-mentee relationships.

While this may be true to a certain extent, it is important that both technological solutions and mentoring strategies meet the industry best practices.

A Recruitment Plan

It is important to keep in mind the hesitations new users may have with new and unfamiliar settings. New users must be eased into the system by emphasizing the benefits and outcomes of a successful e-mentoring program.

The Matching Algorithm

Successful e-mentoring relationships only take place if the partnership is comprised of individuals with suited skills and aspirations. The e-mentoring matching process must measure the suited skills and qualifications of both parties to construct a vibrant and rewarding partnership.

Creating a Secure Environment

E-mentoring participants must be assured that their information is safe and secure at all times. Though mentoring relationships should be primarily formal, both mentors and mentees must have knowledge that communication takes place in a well-protected environment to facilitate a welcoming exchange and optimize the learning experience.

Defining the Call to Action

It is important for mentors and mentees to have independently defined goals and expectations of their e-mentoring relationship. E-mentoring solutions should personalize the interactions based on a participant’s experience in order to promote active communication and help convey the importance of all contributions to the mentoring relationship.

Understanding Mentor/Mentee Pairing

Any party involved in an e-mentoring relationship must be informed about how matches are made. This concept is especially important for mentees, who will want to know about a mentor’s skills and qualifications. Understanding how participants are paired up is essential for establishing trust in the mentoring relationship.

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