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7 Recommendations for boosting WordPress templates

By: Stan Lem   
Date Added : July 1, 2011 Views : 470

This is not stunning that millions of sites professionals make use of WordPress content management system and often build their sites founded on WordPress themes. You can escalate both totally free and store-bought WordPress templates adding some plug-ins, extra controls and fragments of program code. Using the points listed below you are going to improve your templates with no specific practical knowledge of program code or other capabilities:

1. Optimise template images
Pics used by WordPress templates developers are often not optimized. You can optimize them easily by reduction of their size that could be manageable with a help of a Save for Web option you will discover in your Adobe Photoshop toolkit.Furthermore, you are able to optimize photos thanks to the Smush.it program that doesn't effect the loss of quality.
You may optimize the logo, stock pictures, icons, headings, CSS background images and the like. For what reason will you require the images compression? This can significantly enhance the page response time frame which is useful for the readers and for the Seo.

2. Reduce the files sizes of your WordPress theme.

If WP templates don't include minified CSS or JavaScript documents you are free to minimize their file sizes to strengthen your web themes. This action is recognized as minification and removes any extra characters like spaces and tabs. JavaScript will be compressed with a free JavaScript Compressor. For HTML you will discover plugins like W3 Total Cache that will minify the front-end Web coding to raise the weblog speed.

3. Implement a unique favicon.

You all probably recognize this little icon addressing a website in internet browserand address bar. This is the favicon that ought to present your product and look professional.

To include this favicon, you should simply insert the following code into the header.php in your web template web directory:

<link rel="icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />
You may point the fav file destination in place for the attribulte value.

4. Use custom styles to get pic captions stand out.

The Wp image captions actually explain images. Wp templates typically reveal some traditional styles for these captions. And you are to modify the .wp-caption class within your theme styles.css to apply the certain exclusive style for all picture captions.

5. Verify security and safety of your theme code

You can achieve it by removing the common Wordpress program code from the <head> tags of your template. This procedure will keep the others from knowing your Wp release that could help them to attack your web page by making use of some weak spots of the particular editions.

6. Use the third-party search option as an alternative to the default search option
Only some WordPress clients know they could swap the basic lookup feature getting a much quicker and accurate service like Google Custom Search and Yahoo! Search BOSS. Reduce your server load for lookups by means of the respected third-party search solution.

7. Use Wordpress Web marketing resources

Benefit these particular tools to get a boost in traffic for your Wordpress blog page:

1) All in One SEO Pack
2) XML Sitemap Generator
3) digg digg
4) Onlywire autosubmit plugin
5) Twitter tools

All the aforesaid add-ons will improve your WordPress themes, boost advertising and attract additional loyal readers to your blog site.

Stan Lem is not a newcomer in writing for the web - he started out about 5 years ago and took special involvement in the niche of website design and web development - more specifically WordPress themes and website templates.

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