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Advantages and Features of PDF Reader

By: Ralph Goldberg   
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The Portable Document Format (PDF) is used to represent 2-D documents. This format was developed by Adobe Systems back in 1993. The format is advantageous in that it represents documents in a manner that is independent of the hardware, the operating software, and the OS used. It is important that you understand the features and the benefits of PDF readers. This will help you better appreciate the PDF format and your PDF reader and to understand how the format and PDF readers work.

The greatest and the most obvious advantage of a PDF reader is the fact that it allows you to view PDF documents. Without a PDF reader, you will not be able to view files with a .pdf extension. This is disadvantageous in that it means you will miss some important communication since many people send email attachments and other communications through the PDF format. Another advantage of using a PDF reader is the fact that most PDF readers such as the Easy PDF reader are available free of charge. The great popularity of the PDF format means these PDF readers are readily available. They can be bought from brick and mortar stores or they could be downloaded. You could also get them in installation CDs of other software programs. Another advantage of top PDF readers such as the Easy PDF reader is the fact that you get to create PDF files. These readers come with hand tools; graphics select tools, and a text select tool that allows you to do this. A PDF reader is advantageous in that it comes with tokenized and interpreted results of PostScript source codes and it is optimized for Web use (it is a rich text format). This makes PDF files over the internet easy to read and scroll though. With a PDF reader, you can digitally sign and encrypt PDF files for authentication and/or security.

An important feature of a PDF reader is the fact that these viewers allow for the editing and the printing of the PDF format on top of the viewing of PDF files. A PDF reader comes with several features that make the viewing of PDF files easier and more convenient. These features include the zoom function, the rotate function, and the thumbnail function. Another feature that most PDF readers, such as the Easy PDF reader, come with is the ability to restrict printing of PDF files. These readers also allow you to disable modification of PDF documents. This is an important security measure. These readers come with a feature that allows for the retention of the original layout after modification.
Yet another important feature of top PDF readers such as the Easy PDF reader is the fact that end users are able to add comments and customize stamps on PDF documents. Other important features that you get to enjoy from a PDF reader are the facts that you can customize the user interface, you can modify outlines, you can add and modify the security features of the documents, you can highlight sections of the work, and you can optimize e-paper.

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