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Advantages of Using the 74 XL Ink Cartridges

By: Adam Hockemeyer.   
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If you usually find yourself having to do a lot of printing in your home or small office, the HP 74 xl ink cartridge is the product for you. It is larger than the regular cartridges and contains more ink. You therefore will not bother changing cartridges too frequently whenever the ink runs low. It produces about three to four times more page prints than the regular types HP 74 and 75 cartridges. This option is also very friendly. The 74 xl ink cartridge will last for several weeks and save you a lot of money and business hours.

Whenever this 74 xl ink cartridge runs out of ink, you do not need to rush out and buy a brand new original one. You can save money by buying the recycled version of the same. The compatible recycled versions work equally well as the original types. They are usually made by third party manufacturers but the qualities remain the same.

To get a good quality recycled 74 xl ink cartridge, make sure you buy it from authorized dealers and distributors. This way you will be assured of high quality photos from your home or small office printer. You will even be able to produce industry grade pictures for marketing purposes. These authorized dealers also stock ink and printing paper that you can buy in bulk to further help you save more money. There are also some online retailers who can give you great deals on a wide variety of printing materials. These online retailers can help you get your print ink cheap with attractive offers, discounts and other incentives.

You can get to maximize on your cartridges by refilling them whenever they run out. The whole exercise is easy and does not require any expertise. When you refill with compatible ink, you get to do it at 50% of the original price of the manufacturer’s ink. The prints are just as good as with the original, yet you get them at about half the cost. The result is hp brilliant and laser quality black text. The recycling process is also good for the environment, since it reduces pollution from dumping of this waste. It has been proven that the hp products are of very high quality and do not age very fast. They can take many years to decay, and recycling them prevents unnecessary dumping and contamination of the environment.

For even more savings, you can buy your hp 74 xl ink cartridge and hp 75 xl cartridges in combo packs. This way, you get several purchase discounts and other great offers, and you minimize on the trips to make to buy new cartridges whenever one runs out. If you are out looking for great deals, you must compare the various offers from several stores so that you settle on the most affordable. For any products you purchase, always read the manufacturer’s instructions and warranty conditions so that you get to understand everything that is involved in buying and using the products.

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