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Albumin’s Function in the Human Body

By: Trudie WC   
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It is universally acknowledged that human serum albumin is the most prevalent protein found in the blood. An essential element, albumin aides in maintaining fluid balance by pulling fluid in when cells are dehydrated and releasing fluid when the cell becomes too full. It also acts as a transportation device by carrying minerals, hormones and medications throughout the body. Albumin therapy is used to elevate blood plasma levels and enhance the body’s ability to recover after trauma. It is also commonly employed in the treatment of injury or burns, bleeding and trauma after surgery. It can also be used to restore low blood protein.

FFF Enterprises is the nation’s most respected and trusted distributor of albumin and other human blood plasma products. FFF has a spotless safety track record spanning 23 counterfeit-free years. Because of this track record, healthcare providers can order life-giving products like albumin from FFF with confidence. FFF has earned its stellar reputation by implementing a number of safeguards within its distribution system that are designed to promote product efficacy and patient safety. These safeguards include state-of-the-art electronic pedigree and lot tracking systems. FFF also has its own specialty pharmacy subsidiary that was established to provide products like albumin, for the treatment of immune deficiencies, bleeding disorders and chronic illnesses.

FFF knows that those who live with chronic sickness face many challenges. Having a trusted distributor of blood plasma products like albumin can go a long way toward providing much needed peace-of-mind for patients and healthcare providers.

In the business of “helping healthcare care,” FFF remains the preferred choice when it comes to product safety and efficacy in the biopharmaceutical marketplace. As a distributor of human serum albumin and other life-giving products, FFF never loses sight of the fact that there is a patient waiting at the end of every transaction.

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