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All You Need to Know About Hip Hop Bling

By: C uGleam.   
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If you have never come across the term bling-bling, you must have been living under a rock. Bling-bling refers to glitz and glam of hip hop jewelry. If you are interested in the hip hop culture, your look cannot be complete unless you have accessorized with some hip hop bling. Hip hop bling thus generally means hip hop jewelry. Hip hop bling is typically made up of large chains and even larger diamonds, which are commonly referred to as ice. When it comes to hip hop bling, the choice metal is either platinum or gold.

Over the years, hip hop bling has become more popular than ever. Switch on the television and all you see are hip hop artists “iced out” in their hip hop bling. Hip hop jewelry comes in a wide array of types, styles and designs. You can find hip hop jewelry pendants to match your platinum or gold chains, hip hop jewelry bracelets for ladies and men and even hip hop jewelry watches. In the hip hop culture, earrings are unisex and thus you can always find a pair of hip hop earrings to match your style. The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to bling is that it should shine. Not merely shine, but stand out. That is what makes it hip hop bling.

So now that you know a bit about hip hop jewelry, you may be interested in purchasing some for yourself. How do you go about this? The first thing to keep in mind is that diamonds are essential when it comes to the jewelry. All the hip hop artistes break bank to ensure that they have the best diamonds in their hip hop bling. When it comes to diamonds, there are four things that you should keep in mind. These are commonly known as the 4 Cs. The first is the color of the diamond. The color of the diamond goes hand in hand with the clarity of the diamond, which is the second C. The better the color and the clarity of the diamond, the more expensive the bling is going to be. The third C to consider would be the carat. Typically, the better the color and clarity of the diamond, the higher the carat of the diamond will be too. As far as diamonds go, the higher the carats, the more you will have to pay for the bling. Lastly, one would have to think of the cut of the diamond. The less the cuts on the diamond, the bigger the diamond will be and the more expensive your bling will be too.

That makes up all you would generally need to know about hip hop bling. Now you can go out and choose bling that would be best suited to your style while still enabling you to make a strong hip hop statement for yourself. You could also go online to get more ideas about what type of bling you would like to have.

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