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Alternative Therapies to Stop Smoking

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So, you require to cease smoking and you are on a reckon. What will it take? Will it be nicotine patches, lozenges, and inhalers or will you opt for prescription medications to help you overcome those nicotine cravings? Whatever you pick, there will be a cost involved, but, in case you think of how much you will save in not purchasing cigarettes, your reckon ought to look healthier, whatever your choice of cease smoking aids! Not only will your reckon look healthier, but your body will ! Even in case you pick to jump in at the deep finish and quit, without relying on any aids, five times you have got past the withdrawal stages, the health benefits that you will undergo when you cease smoking will soon be evident.

Is there a Right way?

Five times you pick to cease smoking, the first thing to recognize is that there is no right way to cease and what works for one person may not work for another. It is also important to keep in mind that only a few people can give up smoking the first time around, in fact, it may take several attempts before you taste, the sweet, fresh taste of success! In case you are relying on an aid to help you through and you don't succeed, be prepared to try something else or give the aid a second chance. It may well work the second time around.

Economic influences

An fascinating fact is that every time the cost of cigarettes goes up, more people are motivated to cease smoking, so perhaps the state of the global reckon and not your reckon, will be the thing that influences you to cease.

"Even though (tobacco) is a highly addictive drug," says Thomas Brandon, a professor of psychology and oncology services at the University of South Florida, "its purchase is influenced by economic factors. Increasingly smokers represent the lower socioeconomic groups in our society."

For people on a reckon, it would be nice to check together with your medical insurance company to see whether they have coverage for any ‘stop smoking therapies'. Some insurance firms have ‘help' schemes in place to enable those wishing to quit affording the help they require, whether it is in the type of cease smoking aids, or psychological therapies.

Nicotine Replacement

Prices of smoking aids are from around $20 for 10 patches, $21 for 40 pieces of nicotine gum or $12 for 36 nicotine lozenges. These are the most popular forms of nicotine replacement and do not need a prescription, unlike the nicotine nasal spray or inhaler or the prescription medicines used to treat nicotine addiction and help you to cease smoking.

For nicotine replacement to be successful, it is a nice suggestion to start immediately after you have disposed of the last cigarette. This type of therapy is about 20 to 25% successful and takes about five months to work. It is and a nice suggestion to continue the replacement therapy for some months even when you don't feel the necessity for a cigarette.

Alternative Therapies

There's also alternative therapies to help you cease smoking, like hypnosis or acupuncture, although there is small documented proof to show that these therapies are effective. Cost can be prohibitive in this type of therapy, with the cost of one session being anything from $50 to $125.

Another therapy that makes claims of success in helping people to cease smoking is laser therapy. One session could cost hundreds of dollars and over one session could be necessary.

Success Tips

There's several basic tips you can use to help yourself in a practical way to cease smoking. First, keep busy. That means, , your hands and your mouth. Chew gum, take notes when watching a documentary on TV, keep some ‘worry beads' in your pocket to take out when you feel that you require a cigarette in your hand, go for a walk or chat to a mate. (But don't speak about smoking!) In case you are smitten by craving, try breathing deeply and counting to 10, keeping your eyes closed.

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