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Authentic Leather Accessories New Fashion Tendencies

By: Victoria Bel   
Date Added : March 3, 2011 Views : 455

Famous designers make new accessories collections every three month, but leather fashionable handbags are in all times in vogue. In the latesh winter designer collections designers showed fur and leather clothes, thatís why leather handbag became top fashion again. Nowadays there is a big choice of fashionable leather accessories for any style and taste. Classic is in fashion again: designer leather handbags for work are in all new collections, but there is as well a huge number of luxury evening leather handbags. These stylish accessories attract attention by elegance and a number of luxury decorating details. In the newest designer collections Fashion Houses returned to classic and feminine style, thatís why business designer leather handbags may be noticed in all autumn accessory collection. Valextra fashion designers offer us vintage leather accessories. In their collection classic form is combined with ďautumnĒ colors: red, chocolate, brick-red and crimson designer leather handbags are extremely fashion now. In a new Rochas fashion collection vintage style also is dominant. World known designers chose elegant leather handbags for business in black and grey colors. Valentino square leather handbags with long handles are a basis of their autumn accessory collection. Fashion designers combined elegant black, beige and white colors with amazingly elegant design of their handbags. Chanel fashion designers likewise chose classic black and white colors for their designer handbags. But all Chanel handbags can be distinguished by luxury Chanel logotype that is present on all their authentic accessories and always attracts attention. Now new rare types of leather are used in nearly all fashion acessories collections. Crocodile, snake and ostrich leather are in vogue today. New technologies combined with exclusive beauty of these materials makes designer leather handbags extremely demanded. These designer leather handbags can be worn both at work and at a party, they will in all cases look beautifl and attract attention. Latest Ralph Lauren clutch handbags made from crocodile skin are decorated with golden buckles. These handbags are great for evenings and special events. And Bottega Veneta clutches are made from alligator leather and attract attention with great emerald green color. Hermes also presented latest leather accessory collection. Their square clutches of green, lilac, plum and dark-blue colors are top fashion these days. In winter collections of many well known designer brands, such as Versace, Gucci, Burberry handbags designed form rare leather can be seen. Alligator and snake skin is amazingly beautiful itself, thatís why mostly elegant black and white colors are chosen for such fashion handbags. But other designers decorate their handbags with leather print that make them be original and luxurious. Military handbags are as well in style. Military style is extremely fashionable now, and this season is not an exception. In many accessories collection military style details can be met. Even elegant Mulberry designer ldesigner leather handbagsated with military style details. And Lois Vuitton designers use military doctorsí Gladstoneís form for their fashion leather handbags. Summaring up, in this season everyone can choose a stylish leather handbag that will look up-to-date and be in harmony with his style. But you must always remember that your designer leather handbags should reveal your personal style and taste.
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