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Backlink Check; The Guarantee of Quality Search Optimization

By: Sandra Engdahl   
Date Added : July 16, 2011 Views : 261

Most site owners make the mistake of creating backlinks and sitting back to wait for instant results. However, some simple research on the effectiveness of such an approach will reveal a very different view. The truth is, whether you have a thousand incoming links, if you don’t do a backlink check, there is a probability that they might not work for you. The importance of link popularity building has blinded most administrators. They have overlooked applying a back link checker.

Backlinks are crucial in raising the profile of your site in the search engine results. Taking a backlink check is the only way of knowing whether your backlinks are working for you. It is important for you to regularly do a backlink check to ensure that the links you have still exist. A backlink check reveals any missing links. The sites might have wound up. This means you are banking on getting visitors from non-existent sites. Errors such as broken links are also reported by taking the backlink check. In essence, the link check serves as an assessment report to answer the question; how are your backlinks doing?

Acquiring the software that does the backlink check is an easy task. You can get it free or purchase cheaply from online sources. Whatever the case, the backlink check will assist you to know the number of active links you have. If the number is below what you are aiming for, then you can increase the backlinks to the required number. Moreover, you get to assess the popularity of the links and in essence, their quality which translates to the quality of your own site. If you realize the content on the other links has changed considerably and doesn’t have relevance to yours, then it is time to get other quality backlinks. This is one of the primary functions of doing a backlink check.

The software used for a backlink check also saves you time and money that you would have used doing it manually or the money you would have used sourcing for expertise from companies doing such work. The convenience of usage is also amazing and you don’t have to be a nerd to apply it. In fact, all you need to do with the free Google backlink checker is to enter your URL and Google API key and viola! You are on your way to taking a backlink check to Differentiate between the good eggs and the bad ones in this case the quality and irrelevant links that you still have.

The advantage of taking the backlink check is that most of the software you will use allows you to check the status in real time. This means that you can check the value of things such as adverts that are linked to your site based on the clicks and the ability to send email alerts will enable you communicate with the advertiser if need be! What more do you need to up your business?

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