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Breast Lift to Make You Beautiful and Confident

By: S. Azzarella   
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It is a matter of distress to many women that their breasts start drooping and sagging due to childbirth and ageing. There was a time when the breast lift treatments got the attention only from the celebrities, film stars and models. Those days are gone long back and the bold women of modern world give ample emphasis to their looks even if their profession is not dependant on it and opt for various available breast lift techniques. The common reasons for the treatment are saggy and pendulous breasts, loss of youthfulness, consistent discomfort in supporting heavy breasts and breasts that have lost its shape and contour after breastfeeding.

You can by yourself find whether you require a breast lift. This test is commonly known as ‘pencil test’ where in you have to place a pencil in the crease of your breast to check whether it stays without being held. If it stays you can be a candidate for the procedure and can approach a professional. It is the size, shape and degree of sagging in the breasts that determines the suitable technique. During the surgery, the surgeon will make incisions so as to reposition and re-anchor your breasts. Smaller breasts require fewer and small incisions as the weight to support is less. Even though there is difference in each technique to lift breast, commonly the surgeon will remove some skin, fatty tissues and glandular tissues from the breast to give the desired shape to it.

One of the most common breast lift and augmentation techniques are anchor technique where in incisions are made in three places, around the areola, along the contour beneath the breast and between the areola and breast base. This can produce the desired effects and are being used since years. The modified techniques are Doughnut, Crescent and Lollipop. Each of these has the respective names because of the shape of the skin and tissues that is being removed. Breast lift augmentation can be done along with these surgeries wherein the saline breast implants can be added beneath the breast tissues. There are various fees associated with each of the procedures of the surgery like surgeon fee, facility fee, anesthesia, medication, etc. Yet these are not expensive when taken into account the results they produce. The immediate recovery time after the surgery is short, but it is expected to take almost a year for the incision lines to settle fully to give the permanent look.

There are minimal risks associated with the breast lift surgeries and these are outpatient surgeries. It is necessary to have realistic expectations as there are chances that the breasts will sag again over a long period of time due to ageing. This popular form of cosmetic surgery is being done by various surgeons who have specializations in the same. To find out the apt method for you, it is better to consult your doctor so that he can help you with this. By staying beautiful you can gain lot of self-confidence and this is the best way to it.

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