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Buying the Best Quality Salon and Spa Equipment

By: David. Ashford.   
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Salon and spa equipment is not only dedicated to salons and day spas but, also clinics, hotels, resorts, and other institutions. Choosing the right salon and spa equipment can be both exciting and confusing as you might not know what or where to buy. It is also very important to choose high quality salon and spa equipment that will last a long time and provide your customers with the most positive experience. Before you pick your spa equipment and furniture, you must decide which services you will offer. Salons and Spas offer a wide variety of services including hair styling and coloring, manicures, pedicures, facials, body treatments, waxing, cosmetic tattoos and more. Once you know what services you are going to offer you will know what equipment to buy.

Whether you own a salon or spa, your client is most likely sitting most of the visit. Therefore, it is important to buy high-quality brand name salon chairs, reception chairs, dryer chairs and shampoo chairs. Quality chairs are made of the highest grade materials such as a stain resistant vinyl with a woven double backing to prevent tears and rips. The cushion should also be thick and comfortable. The most important part is the base of the chair. A quality chair has a pump that provides an eight-inch lift and an adjustable pump bail for adjusting the height while standing from almost anywhere around the chair. More importantly, it should come with a long lasting warranty of 5 years or more.

When choosing quality facial equipment, massages tables, and pedicure chairs it is important to look for equipment that is ergonomically compliant, has exceptional safety standards, and offers relaxation-reinforcing comfort. Your clients should feel comfortable, relaxed, and clean during their visit. Quality spa massages tables, treatment tables, and medical tables not only offer durability and comfort but also a choice of colors, multiple attachments, and warranties. They are also made from high quality grade materials such as high-cushion memory foam, natural woods, and strong reinforced metals and adhere to stringent quality standards in the industry.

Facial equipment and pedicure chairs should offer innovative technology along with durability, comfort, and esthetic appeal. By choosing equipment that integrates modern and innovative technology, you are sure to offer your client the best services available. It is also important to ensure the equipment passes all the required regulation for your state. All American made brand name spa equipment manufacturers adhere to strict regulations and are able to provide the adequate stamps of approval.

Once you have chosen your salon and spa equipment and furniture, it is important to choose the right supplier. There are several sites from where you can purchase the best brand of spa equipment and get some detailed information pertaining to the equipment and their use. While it might seem over whelming at times to see such a wide range of spa equipment, a supplier of quality equipment should be able to assist you in choosing what works best for you. Ask questions about guarantees, warranties, available options, and shipping time.

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