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Cancer, ADHD And Cancer Alternative Medicine Made Affordable And Simple

By: Suarez MD Carlos A   
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Alternative Medicine Then And Now - An Overview
Old schools of thought reveal that alternative medicine had been practiced for more than six thousand years and is still alive up to these days. Alternative cures as practiced by the Chinese and Indians treated the human body, but not the diseases - to make the body resilient and resistant to diseases.

Back then, the concept of alternative medicine is the healing of the mind, body and soul rather than the disease itself. Alternative cures use plants and herbs, extracts from natural sources for oral administration. Oil extracts were used for aromatherapy and body massage. Acupuncture, which has its roots from the Chinese, was another alternative treatment for many diseases.

Today, alternative medicine has gained a renewed vitality with more doctors and health professionals cutting their teeth in the field - providing people with options in prevention and treatment protocols. With the technological advances that have radically changed the lifestyles of humanity, it is not surprising that alternative medicine has also leveraged on technology.

Information On Alternative Medicine Now In E-Books
Medical information now comes in cheap and simple format such as e-books. Valuable insights into alternative medical care for menopause, cancer and ADD/ADHD are accessible and available from the Internet. In fact, there are three specific e-books in the market that provide more specific guides, tips and lessons for the aforementioned disorders/disease. What’s good about the e-book format is its accessibility, making medical information and alternative medicine reachable to more people.

A practising alternative doctor has authored three e-books that deal with the prevention, alternative care and cures for cancer, ADD/ADHD and menopause. Natural methods and resources for prevention and healing are cheaper and non-toxic.

Alternative Medicine For Cancer
Alternative cancer treatment is a breakthrough in alternative medicine and is now proving to be a cost-efficient and effective protocol, supplemented by lifestyle modification, physical exercise, proper diet and medical care. Alternative cancer aids is a compleat resource for cancer patients and their families to cope with cancer in a holistic manner. Alternative therapies are in fact, the better protocols than chemotherapy.

Alternative Treatments For ADD/ADHD
ADD/ADHD is a disorder that usually affects children. Persistent symptoms are observable within six months. Once a child is diagnosed with the disorder, parents are normally anxious and this could lead to depression. But fret no more. Alternative ADHD cures are up for grabs. Holistic approaches to manage ADHD using the neo-classic alternative treatments and cures are within reach. Search online or get yourself an e-book that has an in-depth discussion on alternative ADHD cures.
Alternative Cures For Menopause
Gaining medical knowledge is definitely advantageous. Women in their menopause can take advantage of resources to beat menopause now. Menopause, although it’s a natural stage that women go through, affects the general well-being of a woman. Symptoms can come one by one or altogether - which can cause discomfort, radical mood changes, distractions in her normal lifestyle.

Alternative medical care for menopause have been proven to be effective. Diet, exercise, lifestyle modification and acceptance contribute much to the effectiveness of the alternative treatments to cure the symptoms and get back to the normal routines in less time. Get the right medical information from the e-books to help you manage your or your child’s medical condition.

Carlos A. Suarez MD is the author of this article on menopause.

Carlos A. Suarez MD is the author of this article on cancer.

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