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Caribbean Kiteboarding Adventure Cruises

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Do you have a love of kite boarding or kite surfing? Maybe you should take a look at Zenith Ocean Voyages. If kite surfing is something that you’re really serious about trying then there’s no question that you need to take a close look at the packages this company offers. Packages can be for a 7 or a 10 day trip to a remote location with the perfect setting and conditions for kite boarding and the package includes so much. For example, you’re probably going to want to remember such an amazing experience as your kite surfing adventure, right? Well, an HD video of your voyage is included in your package so you can pop it in your video player and relive your trip at any time. And these are just a few of Zenith Ocean Voyages’s perks. Zenith has decades of experience in shooting action sports and are passionate kiters so they know the moment you’re going to pull that trick.

If you’re wondering whether or not a trip like this is for you then you need to know upfront that you’re expected to have a solid handle on the basics. You don’t have to be amazing, but you do need to be able to keep yourself afloat and upright; if you think you might be liability then you might want to practice a bit before striking out on something like this. Whether you’re a master or just really have the basics down these guys are going to be able to teach you a few new tricks to get you out there and kite boarding like a pro. Another fair question involves where, exactly, would you go on a kite surfing expedition? This year Zenith Ocean Voyages will be visiting St.Maarten, Anguilla, Antigua, Barbuda, Guadeloupe, St Vincent, the Grenadines, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. For specific details, dates and booking information you can check their website (zenithoceanvoyages), but basically you hop around to a series of tropical island paradises, having fun and kite boarding. Imagine every perfect island coast you’ve ever been shown and that’s a fair idea of the kind of places you’ll be going. Not only will you be gaining the experience of a lifetime kite boarding, your eyes will thank you for the gorgeous, serene surroundings all around you.

Now you might be wondering exactly what kind of gear you would need to take on something like this. Do you need your own equipment, and if so, how do you go about buying the things that you’re going to need? Well, the good news is that Zenith Ocean Voyages has a ton of kite boarding equipment right on board free for use, but it’s first come first serve. If you’re going to go on a voyage with these guys you have to send in an email and call dibs on the board of your choice. They also have experienced kitesurfers on board, and even a professional joining them from time to time.

Regardless, if you have a love for kite boarding then an expedition like this might be the perfect thing, the dream vacation. Check these guys out and see if this isn’t something that would end up being one of the highlights of your life.

Author: Steven Baltazor http://www.zenithoceanvoyages.com/ http://www.zenithoceanfilms.com I am an amateur kitesurfer , thrill seeker and adventurist. A cruise around the Caribbean stopping only to do my hobby was the greatest week of my life.

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