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Character Traits of the Cancer Horoscope

By: Elisha Day.   
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The cancer horoscope is the fourth astrological sign. This zodiac sign originated from the Cancer constellation. It applies to all individuals who are born between the dates of June 22nd to the 22nd of July. The cancer horoscope is a water sign. This zodiac sign is ruled by the moon. As all other zodiac signs, the cancer horoscope has its own representative symbol. The symbol of the cancer horoscope is a crab. The crab is supposed to signify a couple of traits that most people bearing the cancer horoscope have such as being fast thinking. People who belong to the cancer horoscope tend to be sensitive individuals. They are also very protective of the people they love as well as their possessions. Cancer horoscope individuals also tend to be quite emotional and also very confident. These individuals do not take quality time with their families for granted. The cancer horoscope is also known to be a paradox of all the other horoscopes in the zodiac calendar.

As mentioned earlier, the cancer horoscope manifests itself in various character traits in the individuals who fall under this zodiac sign. These character traits are both positive and negative. The positive character traits are that cancer horoscope individuals tend to be very confident and due to their high capacity of emotions, they are also quite sympathetic to other people. These individuals also tend to be very imaginative and creative. The cancer horoscope is also associated with traits that lean towards maturity, patience and intuition. On the other hand, there are a number of negative character traits that people who fall under the cancer horoscope possess. They tend to be quite moody and this could be due to how emotional they also are. They are also very impulsive and can also be extremely touchy when it comes to their feelings.

There are several other random facts about the cancer horoscope. People who have this star sign also have both the pearl and the opal as their birthstones. The lucky colors that are associated with the cancer horoscope are yellow and white. The cancer horoscope also has a lucky metal which is silver. The ruling planet of the cancer horoscope, as aforementioned, is the moon. The cancer horoscope is associated with the water element as it is a water sign. The days that are perceived as lucky for people who have the cancer horoscope are Thursdays and Mondays. They also have several lucky numbers which include 2, 7, 11, 16, 20 and 25.

When it comes to relationships, individuals who fall under the cancer horoscope tend to be very sensitive. This is especially true when it comes to falling in love as they tend to be very vulnerable. If a cancer falls in love and the relationship does not work out, chances are they will be very devastated. People under the cancer horoscope tend to fall in love whole heartedly and they will protect their object of affection with all that they have. In relation to their professional lives, people of this star sign tend to make a lot of money.

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