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Chemical Basis of Happiness - Psychiatric Approach to Drug Therapy

By: Karl Loren   
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A large number of medical doctors, and others, make a terrible mistake when they believe that man arose from the mud -- from a sea of ammonia and some random movement of atoms. Once they believe this, they can then also believe that all our emotions are based on chemicals that run through the brain. Thus, for these people, chemicals are senior to thought and the mind -- thinking, they say, is the result of chemical and electrical activity in your body -- and that your body is made of meat. When this is posed in such stark terms, these same doctors would cough, hide their face, and mumble that this is NOT what they believe. You will recognize this as an assertion that there is no God!

Let's take a look at what they say, and even better, how they treat patients. It is the premise of this article by me, Karl Loren, that doctors, particularly psychiatrists, believe that various "behaviors" and various "states of mental state" are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, and that they can, therefore, be successfully treated by the use of psychiatric drugs which, in general, bring about changes in the chemistry in the brain.

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The Chemical Basis of Happiness

There is a vast literature -- and billions of dollars of underlying scientific studies showing that people who are happy have high levels of a chemical called "serotonin" in their brain. People who are depressed have very low levels of this chemical. The poor soul on the right just has a lack of proper brain chemicals!

The world of medicine, generally, and psychiatry particularly, constantly confuses cause with effect. The psychiatrist learns that happy people have high serotonin, so he gets a pill that puts more serotonin your brain -- Prozac.

This cannot even be tested to see if it works! There is no test to see if you can add serotonin into a brain without sacrificing the living entity. Rats are used. They are given some psychiatric drug, then killed, and then the serotonin level is the brain is measured. That is the basis for chemical happiness.

The truth is simple, but far beyond the grasp of the psychiatric community, and sadly, also not of interest to thousands of dope addicts hooked on anti-depressants.

The mind is far more powerful than any chemical. You, a "spiritual being" with a mind? Yes, you! You have a reason to be sad. That reason, and your thinking about it, CAUSES a decrease in the serotonin in your brain. If you take the psychiatric drug your senses are dulled, you don't worry about whatever the problem was! You have discovered "it doesn't matter!" Or, you have found a way to cope with that problem. So, you are less sad. The problem that caused the sadness? It is still there of course, because problems don't go away just because you ignore them, or pretend they are gone. So, it looks like the drug did the job. You are less sad.

You are also less able to handle that problem. (Or any other problems!)

Pretty soon that problem is going to rise up and bite you on the butt!

I could go on and on about this, but click here ( to read a sampling of typical articles about the wonders of using psychiatric drugs to increase your serotonin level, or the level of some other chemical.

For the sensible person reading this, this should be enough. But, there are some drug addicts, hooked on psychiatric drugs who may reach this far in my article. I've had a couple of them already. They just get very angry at me because they know that their drug makes them happy! They are lost souls, sliding down the path to oblivion. The only type of help you should ever offer such a person is to encourage them to get off the drug.

SOME of the people hooked on psychiatric drugs thank me profusely for helping them see the deadly doom they were facing. Click here ( for one of those great testimonials.

SOME people will read this and discount it completely -- say that there is no scientific basis for mind over matter -- that it is all poppy-cock! I urge you to CLICK HERE ( to read a scientific report establishing, without doubt, that mental and spiritual influences are real and substantial. The concept that you can simply BE happy, and thereby cause an increase in serotonin is obviously foreign to psychiatry, but you can find out at this click that such phenomenon do exist.

At the extreme of psychiatric madness are those who use psychiatric brain-washing techniques to train terrorists such as those who carried out the September 11th attack. Click here ( to read about the psychiatrist who is the Number Two man to bin Laden.

There are non-harmful, nutritional remedies for many so-called behavioral problems. Click here
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Karl Loren is a researcher, writer and developer of unique vitamin formulations that remove heavy metals from the body. His products can be found at: . You can write to Karl at: .

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