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Civilians increasingly thinking smart home "home" into people's lives

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New Year film director Feng Xiaogang, "You Are the One," popularized the concept of smart home, as the Mainland commercial guide, Fengdao escape the circumstances of the use of the most popular and most charismatic actor, most cater to the taste of humor and the most viewers forward-thinking pop elements, such as where the judicious use of some high-tech trendy products as props by the venture capital Fan Wei played in the living room dangled his feet, holding a remote control to push the button, the curtains slowly open it automatically, The painting shows a pair of movies on the network's attention and salute the new era, but also for Ge Qin Fen played the identity of the genius inventor made a footnote.

Smart Home can be defined as a process or a system. The use of advanced computer technology, network communication technology, integrated wiring technology, concerned with the home life of various subsystems, together organically, through integrated management, so home life more comfortable, safe and effective. Compared with ordinary home, smart home features not only the traditional residence provides comfortable and safe, high quality and pleasant family living space; also from the passive static structure into a dynamic intelligent tool that provides a full range of information exchange capabilities to help families to maintain communication with the external flow, optimizing the way people live, arrange a time to help people effectively, and enhance the security of home life, and even save money for a variety of energy costs. Simply put, is to make your home started "thinking" together.

Such as "thinkers" of this information by the communication service company on the Hai made the concept of smart home systems, smart home system is an image summary. "Thought" is to let home users do not need or less of the "thinking", and let the smart home system to share aspects of our lives, "thinking", the user got home, the only thing to do is to enjoy - comfortable, safety, environmental protection and efficient life science and technology, because the "thinkers" like a housekeeper to help users deal with all the chores of life.

If we then push forward a few years time, intelligent home life can seem like Bill is. Gates kind of rich, high above, far from the imagination of ordinary people. As we all know, Bill Gates since 1990, spending 60 million dollars, after 7 years carefully building, creating a contemporary classic for the smart home is also a beautiful landscape. His house was at 24 bathrooms, six kitchens, 7 bedroom sets, 1 libraries, a banquet hall, and a salmon breeding with artificial lake. An intelligent service robot as smart home systems for the average person seems to be an impossible dream of a lifetime.
But now, the intelligent application of ubiquitous, universal in all aspects of our lives, from our daily lives in food and clothing to the line, as well as the categories of the public domain. Determine the market demand is the eternal truth, is committed to R & D "thinker" of the enterprise will be a clear target market positioning applications will also be divided into two, one is the personal residence, the other is a commercial area that the concept of smart home .

Furthermore, in order to let more intelligent people can personally feel the convenience of life, more and more cities have had the experience of Smart Home Museum, the technology leader in intelligent life, the first truly present in people eyes, experience in the intelligence shop, you can spend your day: after breakfast, pre-configured by clicking a remote control program, the window automatically turns off the lights and the gas valve switch is automatically turned off.

During working hours, do not worry about home security. Because the family installed an infrared curtain sensor, door magnetic induction sensors, gas leak alarm, smoke detectors and other equipment, forming a mobile video intelligence systems. The owner left the home, as long as one by remote control, the whole house into the armed state. When the owner during working hours, all of these systems are in operation. If there are thieves, plunged from the balcony or forced open the door to enter, infrared curtain sensor will be triggered as soon as an alarm signal to the system, the system will host pre-bound to send alarm SMS or phone call. Owner receives information, control of the home using a mobile phone camera, you can clearly see any corner of the home; even if the thief ran away, his picture can be photographed as evidence to the police.

If the kitchen gas leak, or a fire suddenly at home. Gas leak alarms, smoke detectors will send alarm signals to the system in time, the owner will also receive information on mobile phones, the first time to select the alarm or take other emergency measures.

Work, and how traffic jam, do not worry, you can use the phone in advance to open air and regulate the temperature of the water heater, so that rice cooker start cooking, it can sit Tingtingge the.

Museum of intelligent life experience from all over the extent that the hot, smart home will become an irresistible trend, but it is no longer synonymous with luxury and fantasy, but as more and more populist stance into the lives of ordinary people being in the future, the world will become increasingly faster pace, but life would certainly be more simple. lcd module tft

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