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Custom Orthotic – for Comfort of your feet

By: Kathy C.   
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Millions of people across the world are affected with different foot conditions. Sore foot is the common phenomenon observed which makes daily activity like walking, standing and running difficult. Sore feet can give rise to other serious health issues like back pain, lower back pain, spinal injury, discomfort in ankle, sprain etc. sore feet is usually occurs when uneven pressure is applied in different parts of the feet. Wearing uncomfortable footwear for prolonged period of time can give rise to foot related ailments like callous and corns, bunions, arch pain and strain, heel spurs, heel pain etc. Orthotic is medically tested and customized insoles that have brought about remarkable improvement in various foot related ailment.

Custom orthotic has known to solve a number of foot and other related problem like back pain, spinal cord pain, strain in tendons etc. it helps in correcting any abnormalities in walking pattern by preventing misalignment in the foot. It brings about improvement in overall physical condition there by making walking, standing, and running more comfortable and efficient.

High heels even though trendy and much in demand can be the root cause to major foot ailments. Rather than going behind fashion, it is important to invest in a comfortable pair of footwear. As your feet helps in stabilizing and balancing supporting your entire weight. Some people suffer from genetically inherited foot deformities like flat foot, high arch and low arch which could lead to painful foot condition. In such cases, it is advisable to use custom orthotic. No two feet are alike, many a times one foot differs from the other. Each orthotic is customized and specifically designed to suit your feet. Only a podiatrist or trained technician in a clinic can design it. Thorough evolution of a person is done like their current feet condition, there walking patterns, pressure points, joints movement etc.

Pronation and suppination is a common occurrence. For instance, pornation is a condition wherein pressure is on the on the inside of the foot, adding extra pressure in arch of the foot. The condition and severity of the problem differs from person to person orthopedic orthotic can help in relieving these problems to great extent. Suppination is exact opposite condition. Usually a person suffering from a pronation appears knock –kneed and a person with suppination appears bow-legged.

Major foot related ailments are caused due to obesity. The foot is under extra pressure to carry the added weight that causes flat feet. It can cause pain and other medical related conditions, and hinder a person’s ability to move around. A person needs to take good care of their weight starting by keeping watch on the weight, taking adequate rest between work activities, investing in a pair of good foot wear that provides adequate support. Good number of people have benefited with custom orthotic insert. The insert has helped in healing foot related ailments to a great extent.

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