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Different Essential Oils Uses

By: Adam B.C   
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There many essential oil uses. Essential oils are of two types. There are synthetic oils and pure oils. Synthetic oils are able to duplicate the smell of pure oil and are, in most cases, very adequate for non medical uses, for instance massages. However, the synthetic oil making processes cannot be able to duplicate chemical compounds that are present in the pure oils. Pure oils are manufactured in four basic ways the first one being enfleurage, then it is distilled using steam, and then followed by volatile solvents and then finally pressing. Unlike massage and bath oils, the essential oils are highly concentrated and they require handling with care. If applied directly to the skin, there are some essential oils that cause blisters.

Some of the known essential oil uses include:

• They are used for scenting soaps, perfumes, candles and potpourri.

• Adding flavors to beverages and food.

• They are used in pharmaceuticals for instance essential oils aromatherapy massages, compresses and baths.

• They offer medicinal choices to tranquilizers and other common drugs that are used to relieve stress.

• Other essential oil uses is that they are used for triggering responses that are soothing and help you to relax.

• In order to preserve the composition in the chemicals, ensure they are kept in the dark since they are very sensitive to light. The bottles should always be sealed in order to ensure that the oils can’t evaporate.

• Some of the essential oil uses also include helping in respiratory problems.

• Oregano oil is also used as a very strong antibiotic.

• Juniper berry essential oil is very effective in supporting the digestive system and helps in conditions such as gout, obesity and rheumatism.

• Chamomile and lavender have essential oil uses such as treating burns and wounds and also producing a relaxing effect for one’s mind.

• They are also used as skin and hair products.

• Some of the essential oils are also used as natural agents of cleaning, deodorizers and sanitizers as well. Peppermint essential oil is among the oil with many essential oil uses such as treatment of headaches. These is done by putting some drops of the oil on a cool damp towel and compress it on your forehead or massage it on the neck. It is also used for digestion by pouring some drops of the diluted oil on the stomach and massaging it in. It is also used as a breath freshener

• Grape fruit essential oil is another with many essential oil uses. Among them, it is used for detoxifying one’s body. However, you should not add the oil until you are done with running your water. This way, you can stir up the water thoroughly before you take a bath. It also combats depression and stress.

Some of the essential oil uses are not recommended for pregnant women as they can bring harm to the baby. Therefore, in order to avoid such effects, they are not recommended for use in sensitive areas.

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