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Diverse Hydraulic Cylinders to Choose From

By: Pargat Singh Bajwa.   
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A hydraulic cylinder is a device used to convert stored energy into a force. It is this force the finally moves the hydraulic cylinder in a linear motion. It is actually the housing of an actuation device which only works when pressure is applied to the hydraulic fluid. This actuation device found in the cylinder is commonly known as the hydraulic pump.

How the Hydraulic cylinders Work

The cylinder often holds hydraulic fuels that are stored in the device under pressure. It is from the fuel that energy to run the device is stored. Once the fuel or oil is converted it creates a motion. These cylinders often work in a full system. The hydraulic system consists of more than one cylinder. The work of the pump in the system is to control the flow of fuel into the system. However, it is the cylinder that applies pressure to the fuel and starts the whole process of creating energy. It is important to note that the cylinder will only make use of the required amount of fuel for it to run.

Types of Hydraulic Cylinders to Choose From

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers make a variety of these cylinders all of which serve various purposes. Although each cylinder has a specific function, they have the same working mechanisms. That is they come with a pump and make use of fuel for them to run.

Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders

These types of cylinders come in two forms. There is the single-action cylinder and the double-action cylinder. The difference between these two is seen from the application each is used in and also what requirements are required in a cylinder for a particular work. The most common areas the cylinders are used in include steel industries, sugar factories and in major plants. They are used in these areas because they are high pressure cylinders and can work under intense circumstances.

Automotive Hydraulic Cylinders

These types of hydraulic cylinders are always talked on in terms of earth moving and the standard dimensions of the cylinder. The earth-moving aspect of the cylinder is all about the boring range of the cylinder, its stroke, mountings, construction and pressure. All these are important features of the cylinder.

Tipping Hydraulic Cylinders

There are two types of the tipping cylinders commonly found in the market today. They include the two stage hydraulic tipping cylinder and the multistage hydraulic tipping cylinder. The two tipping cylinder come as either single or double action cylinders construction.

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

These cylinders are mostly used in areas that require multistage strokes where the closing height is less than the open length. They are mainly used in applications that run horizontally.

There are various different components that make the hydraulic cylinder. It is possible to find those parts that are similar in all the cylinders while others come only specific to certain types of cylinders. The kind of parts a cylinder has to determine the function it plays. Additionally, it also determines the specifications required in a cylinder while performing a particular task.

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