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Do Exercise Regularly To Cope Up with Insomnia

By: Pooja   
Date Added : July 13, 2010 Views : 467

If insomnia has been disturbing your life up to this day, do not in a hurry think about taking any sleeping pills. Instead, you have to start considering exercise as one of your daily activity.  Not many people notice that doing regular exercise offers many other useful benefits, including as one of some excellent natural treatment for insomnia.

People who do physical exercise regularly tend to have not only longer but also better quality of sleep.  Yes, this is a very interesting fact about regular exercise activity. Mostly, people are having insomnia because of their excessive stress. Meanwhile, sleeping problem will make them have more stressful feeling because this problem raises the level of cortisol in your body.

Then how regular exercise works in reducing your sleeping problem? Basically, it works in two different ways. The first is by breaking the cycle of sleep-stress. Exercising will help you a lot in controlling the level of cortisol in your body. During your exercise activity, the level of the stress hormones in your body will be raised. However, some hours after exercise activity, the level will be fall back to a bit lower than the original level.

As the second way, regular exercise gives enough time for people to think about the best solution of any problems that might bother their mind. The second most common cause of insomnia is any stressful problems that tend to fill the mind of people during their day. Doing exercise allows people to have more time to think clearly about the problem they have and how to solve it with the best solution.

When you are going to take benefit of exercise to treat your insomnia problem, there will be some important things you have to notice. First, make the suitable timing. Do not have exercise shortly before you are going to bed because initially, exercise activity is increasing the chemical levels in your brain that result on more awake and energized feeling. Do it few hours before your bedtime in order to get optimized result.

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