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Dying black hair to blonde:the struggle

By: emma oconnell   
Date Added : March 30, 2011 Views : 496

Well the deed has been done and the results are in, I am now officially part of the blonde crew. However it wasn't without a struggle. My natural hair colour is a dark brown but I have been dying it black for years.

I started off by stripping my hair with
Colour B4 hair colour remover (extra strength). This will take your hair to the natural colour and not damage it, which is a plus before bleaching. It worked very well, although I think the fact that I havn't dyed my hair for a few months helped. All the black was taken out and I was left with a slight red colour(from a previous hair dying job).

The first lot of bleach went on a few weeks later and was on for a good 2 hours. It started off well, with the back going straw yellow pretty much straight away andi t got our hopes up.However after 2 hours of having a very itchy head my fringe was still a coppery colour and looked rather odd. I think this was due to the fact that I dyed my fringe a bright red a year ago. Toner was put on but that didn't seem to do much to the orange, making me panic a little.

We decided to leave it as there was a distinct possibility that I may have left with no hair. I had to go out for my friend's birthday sporting a lovely, ginger disguising quiff.

The next attempt was a few day later and the next batch of bleach was put on, not without apprehension.  This was left on for an hour and then washed out, leaving the ginger a straw yellow, something I could definitely work with. The toner was put on a few days later and now I'm pretty much all over blonde which I am extremely happy about. I would say though, depending on your hair strength after the first bleaching, doing again may not be wise. I have very strong, thick hair which could take the damage that thinner hair may not. The best thing is to keep checking the strength when the bleach is on. If the texture starts resembling chewing gum I suggest you wash it off asap. Another tip, be careful when brushing your hair afterwards. Your hair will be at its weakest when its wet so use a soft brush and be gentle. You don't want any unnecessary hair lose!

I used B blonde bleach to get my hair to the desired blonde and purple toner to get rid of any unwanted 'warm' shades. Also a handy hint my friend gave me is to mix a tiny bit of violet hair dye in with your shampoo or conditioner to get the same effect.

I'm not a hair professional or really know a vast amount about hair but I thought I'd share my experiences. Everyone's hair is different so don't take this as gospel, its just some friendly, helpful advice.

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