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Eating Fat Cannot Make You Fatter

By: Pooja   
Date Added : August 4, 2010 Views : 1706

We miscalculate that eating fat will make us fat. But eating right kind of fat will actually help us lose weight and slim down. Fat is the main key thing in our body to stay fit and healthy. Eat natural food to get the right fat.

Low fat diet probably has no effect why in the sense we are limiting intake of nutrients that our body intensely need to function properly.

When you severely limit your fat intake, it can throw your hormone levels way off. This can cause your body to hold onto fat instead of burning it off like you were told.

Yes, there are fats that you should stay away from. Here's a general rule: If the fat you are eating is man made, then you should stop and stay as far away as possible. But if it's natural, taken straight from the ground or an animal then it will be good for you.

Always look at the ingredients in the foods you eat and buy. When you see hydrogenated oils, don't buy that stuff! It's terrible for the body and that kind of fat WILL make you fat.

But natural fats that are in butter, nuts, oils and vegetables (like avocadoes) is very good for you so don't be afraid to eat it. Eating the fat in natural, whole foods will help your body run efficiently and shed pounds fast.

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