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Fluhme's If Beauties Your Thing You Can Work Beauty Though Fluhme

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Fluhme has 10 years in working service, a compelling website and an extensive line of beauty products.  I would love to say I am a beauty professional and while I cannot Fluhme Beauty still sticks out to me as a positive model for those who do beauty, know beauty and know those who know beauty.The company's make of items includes DayLites daily beauty, a variety of colorful makeup products in the form of blushes, bases, lipsticks as well as eye liners. Alternatives contain: NightLites color palette, StarLites palette, Baked Eye shadows, and Baked Blushes.  With a high focus on skin care and facial treatment, I think most involved and interested in the beauty industry know it's the eyes and face that capture the most attention.Fluhme is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based skin care and Cosmetics Company created by (and named after) founder Tiffany Fluhme. It's main ..hook.. is its line of baked..Italian cosmetics. The company says is ..one of the few companies who offer Italian baked make-up in the United States...A Though they do claim their products use higher quality ingredients to treat the face better and make the beauty of make-up more of an art.However it takes about $50 to join the Fluhme Business, after this relatively cheap startup fee you can start making money as a Fluhme artist.  I will admit, I was not so happy with their description of how you will be making money selling their products as they used a lot of.. up to..on their main Learn More about the business opportunity page and that makes me wonder well from where do I come to get up to 45%.  45% sounds great... but why wasn't I let known that I might possibly start at 15% or worse 5%.  You can check out the page yourself here:  http://www.fluhme.com/Opportunity/LearnMore.aspxI did find out that to maintain your earnings you must also maintain $300 of sales a month. Will you be able to house that at your home parties?  Well if they are high quality, high ticket cosmetic products it is possible, but it is another risk for the potential distributor.They do promote a few more bonuses like if you sign up for their .. Artist Collection..You receive $700 of supplies and products for your first few beauty events.  But while a seemingly positive bonus, if you have made it here, you have probably found yourself intrigued by the infinite potential that the internet can offer in finding leads, developing relationships with prospects and really getting a BIG down line to make those BIG salaries.  In this case their training and product bonus won't help too much... I mean you could video and photo yourself before and after applying the products... get creative and anything can work.However, scanning their website and numerous reviews I found a lot of the quotes, testimonials and positive reviews were written by people who are already professionals and used Fluhme as a means to expand their income though what could be fun get together girl parties with maybe some pot luck cooking and an exposition of the quality of the products and how they treat the skin.I found the negative reviews were by those who were veteran marketers and who had experience with Network Marketing and MLM's.  This definitely says something and what it says is that Flume is probably best set out for someone who wants to market their business the old fashioned way, with parties and gatherings.  It would work best as a money maker for someone already involved in the beauty industry or an industry where you can have sufficient contact with woman who would be interested this type of product line.As there was basically nothing about 2nd tier or 3rd tier commissions on distributors brought in under you in your business that throws up some heavy red flags for those who are looking for a full-time pay from A Network Marketing Home Based Business.  With so little information on the compensation plan, it looks more like direct sales than an MLM.Again, my opinion on Fluhme is that it is a great opportunity for someone who is already in the niche to expand their monthly salary but seems to be lacking quite a few REALLY IMPORTANT ingredients to an MLM that will make you a full time income to be proud of, not to mention, though their website seems well but together, information is limited and further management contact besides bloating the founder, Tiffany Fluhme, is non-existent much like the compensation plan.I have seen too many companies go under due to bad management to leave that out of this Fluhme Review.
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