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Fluzone® Vaccine Helps Prevent Influenza.

By: Trudie M   
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In the wake of a mild flu season, people often become complacent about getting immunized. What many don’t realize is that every flu season is different, and virus strains can unexpectedly mutate and turn deadly. That’s why public health officials urge people to take the flu seriously. Utilizing safe and effective flu vaccines such as Fluzone® by sanofi pasteur, Inc., is one of the main ways individuals can help protect themselves and others throughout the 2011/2012 flu season.

Each year flu-related complications kill more people than all vaccine-preventable diseases combined. For most people, getting immunized against influenza is the easiest and most effective way to reduce their risk of infection.

In past flu seasons there has been confusion about who should be immunized against the flu. New guidelines have cleared up that confusion: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines now recommend that everyone aged 6 months and up get vaccinated against influenza. Influenza virus vaccines, such as Fluzone are essential in the fight against influenza. Fluzone is just one of several effective flu vaccines distributed by FFF Enterprises, the nation’s most trusted distributor of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. Other flu vaccines distributed by FFF include Fluvirin®, manufactured by Novartis Vaccines.

In the past, flu vaccination has been hindered by a cumbersome and uncertain delivery system that often left healthcare professionals unsure of how much Fluzone vaccine to order. To make access to influenza vaccines easier, FFF created an innovative program called MyFluVaccine (www.MyFluVaccine.com) in 2006. Unlike the traditional influenza vaccine distribution system that was often plagued with uncertain delivery dates and quantities, MyFluVaccine offers healthcare providers the ability to request their delivery dates and quantities, making clinics easier to plan. Having clinics planned in advance and pre-ordering vaccines like Fluzone helps ensure the flu clinics will be successful by getting as many people scheduled and vaccinated as possible.

In addition to easy online ordering, the MyFluVaccine website provides news, updates, resources and clinic planning tools. There are special informative sections for consumers and employer groups, as well as providers. FFF has also produced a “Flu Vaccine Myths & Facts” brochure that is downloadable as a PDF from the website, or as a printed booklet that healthcare providers can order for their patients.

Safe and effective vaccines like Fluzone are part of the arsenal that healthcare professionals can use to reinforce vaccination as the single best way to fight the spread of the flu and maintain public health. For more information, visit www.MyFluVaccine.com.

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