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Free Credit Card Machines

By: Nisha Nisha.   
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Many businesses, especially small businesses, can opt for a free credit card machine. Free credit card machines offer convenience, efficiency and most importantly, savings to the business.

Depending on the type of credit card machine, determines the type of credit card service and fees the business will be charged. But different credit card machine companies offer free terminals which automatically gives savings to small businesses. Terminals normally can cost anywhere from $500 to $800.

The credit card machine companies offer businesses the opportunity to first see if they are eligible. Businesses apply online or through telephone by providing their monthly income; the company then determines their eligibility. The same credit card machine company will offer services or incentives so that the merchant opens an account on that free credit card machine as well.

Although the terminal is free, there are still different features on each. Different screen displays, buttons and swiping features can be looked at. Some have different types of printers where less rolls of paper are used or the paper is printed out faster. Free credit card machines are also capable of high speed transactions, digital signatures and a small, compact size.

Free credit card machines also still offer different methods of transaction, whether it's through a phone line, mail order, wireless or store and forward.

The merchant should be aware, especially if it's a small business, that free credit card machines still have drawbacks. The main drawback could be that with that machine, credit card services are still charging high percentage rates and transaction fees. Although the terminal saved the merchant close to $1,000, the fees add up easily. This can be identified upon opening up the merchant account. Many credit card processing services offer a free terminal as an incentive to open an account with them. But by getting the free terminal, several hidden fees are charged to the business each month to make up for it.

Businesses may want to opt for this though still, as free credit card machines still have the same features as an expensive machine. Many credit card processing services may not be doing well financially and in order to generate more profit, give incentive by offering free credit card machines just by simply opening a merchant account with them. For this simple reasoning there might not be any hidden charges; the service just needs more business. An honest incentive may be that the company offers a free terminal plus a free month of transactions upon opening up a merchant account with them. In this scenario, a small business especially should go with this plan and look at the different features each terminal offers by researching the descriptions.

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