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Get Toned Abs - Do You Want the Secret to Getting Perfect Abs?

By: Jamie Downs   
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Many people would love to hear about a secret or a "magic pill" that would help them to develop washboard abs overnight. Sorry, it's not that simple. But, it's not impossible to get toned abs. Many people are not able to accomplish this fitness goal because of not having the knowledge of the steps involved to achieve a toned stomach. As well as, some people have the wrong information and tend to do the wrong things. For example, a person will focus on doing just crunches for weeks and become discouraged by not seeing results. It takes more than doing abs exercises to achieve results. The real secret to getting perfect abs are reducing body fat, eating a healthy diet and cardio workouts.

Phase 1 - Reducing Body Fat for Abs

It is important to understand that abs exercises will not reduce the layer of fat that covers the abdominal muscles. Also, you can't spot reduce fat from specific areas using certain exercises. On the other hand, it is possible to develop the abdominal muscle with exercises after reducing the overall body fat. You should be aware that a person's genes will have a determination on which parts of the body the fat will come from. The question on most people minds is "How do I reduce body fat?" Body fat can be reduced with regular cardio, strength training and a healthy diet.

Phase 2 - Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is a very crucial part to get toned abs. It is important to eat a healthy and low calorie diet. You will have to make a lifestyle change to obtain and maintain well defined abs. In addition, you shouldn't follow a fad diet to lose body fat instead change the way you eat. For example, you should eat baked chicken instead of eating fried chicken. As well as, you should eat more fruit and vegetables. Another major factor of eating healthy is portion control. The average person is not eating the correct food portions. If you are able to eat healthy and control food portions then you will start to see a decrease in body fat.

Phase 3 - Cardio Workouts

Some people tend to focus on doing abs exercise when doing an exercise routine. If you want to lose body fat and get fit abs then you want to include cardio and strength training to any workout routine. In addition, a cardio routine will exercise the entire body. This will lead to losing overall body fat. As well as, you want to include some strength training exercises to the routine. If you are not very active then you want to start by exercising at least three times a week. A person that's active shouldn't have a problem including these two things to their normal routine.

The great thing is you don't have to rush into doing any of these things to accomplish the goal of fit abs. You can make small changes each day. This is the real secret to get toned abs in as little as a few months.

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