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Get a Free Consultation with a Fremont DUI Lawyer

By: Bobby Austin   
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Most people are confused about what to do after driving under the influence charge. This leads to suspension of their licenses for failure to set a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicle within ten days. Others do not know that getting a Fremont DUI lawyer is the easiest way to go about this charge because they will get professional guidance and representation. Whether it’s the first offense or points are already accumulating on the record due to several traffic offenses, it is important to get a Fremont DUI lawyer on the job. He or she will listen to your situation and recommend the best way to go about the problem. For instance, you need to set a hearing in the Department of Motor Vehicle as soon as possible. If the ten-day period is over, the Fremont DUI lawyer will know what ropes to pull by explaining the situation that prevented you front setting the hearing in time.

The first step in selecting a professional who understands your case is requesting for a free consultation with the Fremont DUI lawyer. You can do so in many ways. For instance, you can call the firm, use electronic mail or visit any of the firm’s branches. The face-to-face meeting helps you analyze the firm, confirm it is genuine as well as establish contact with the Fremont DUI lawyer. However, if you are out of the region but need to answer to charges, you can use the telephone consultative meeting to get legal counsel to represent you. Several things should surface from this meeting. For instance, get a quote. This is the legal fee you are expected to remit for the services. The Fremont DUI lawyer will assess your case and give you an estimate of the cost. This determines whether you will get services from that firm because fees that are too high will affect your budget. However, a careful search will lead you to a firm that is effective and affordable.

The consultative meeting enables the Fremont DUI lawyer to assess your case and determine whether you have a chance of walking free or with a lesser charge. It is important to give all relevant information or anything that has transpired and has an effect on the case. If you have any documents or receipts that relate to the charge, or notices issued by agencies and bodies like the Department of Motor Vehicle, you should inform the criminal attorney. This meeting creates a rapport with the professional and ensures you are informed every step of the litigation and in case something happens on your end, you will feel free to inform the firm handling your case. With a professional you can trust, there is no need to be present at the hearings because he or she will inform you everything that transpires in court. This means you can go on with other activities such as work and avoid being paraded in court. The Fremont DUI lawyer will keep you up to date and in case you should make an appearance, he will get you prepared to handle any questions that may come up.

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