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Good Reasons To Help Charities by Donating Your Old Cell Phone

By: Steve Hopwood   
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Quite a few people have old mobile phones lying around inside of their homes and offices. While they may well consider them of no use, there are millions of people who find themselves in need of mobile phones. When mobile phones are stored in drawers, they pollute and leak lead, mercury, arsenic and other harmful chemicals into the environment. There are over 500 million mobile phones hidden in drawers, closets and offices that are needless to their owner. Rather then holding on to them for no reason, they can help charities and donate cellular phone for people who actually need them instead.

When individuals donate cellular phone, then they are supporting charities in need. One can find hundreds of organizations all over the United States that take these phones and provide them out to battered women, soldiers serving overseas or people of third world countries. This is actually the most typical method and the most resourceful. Battered women need cell phones to call 911 in case of an emergency. They can also contact family and friends without their assaulter getting in contact with them. Soldiers serving their country overseas use old cellular phones to keep in touch with their families. Long distance is expensive and not available everywhere. Soldiers can purchase prepaid cards to get in touch with their wives, husbands, children and parents. A good number of cellular phones are also sent over to third world countries to people who have little or no resources to make phone calls. They may need them for emergencies, but can't afford them. An individual is doing a great thing when they donate a cell phone.

Charities all over the United States are likely to take used cell phones and distribute them to people in desperate need of them. Those that actually need them don't care what brand name or how new the phone is. Assuming that it makes and receives phone calls, that is all there're concerned with.

Not only can people donate cellular phone, but they can recycle mobile phone as well. Recycling keeps old cellular phones out of landfills and gives them the chance to be reused by individuals that should have them. Phones that wont work should really be recycled and donated making sure that poisonous chemicals do not leak and harm the earth. Batteries along with other components are disposed of accordingly by the law. Many companies have recycling bins for old cell phones.

Since the lifetime of a cellular phone lasts around 18 to two years, consumers are changing mobile phones often. In such cases, people should make use of the life left in it and recycle cellular phone to firms that can dispose of the contents properly or provide them to charities in need of them. Many companies take these phones, refurbish them and distribute them to developing nations around the world to get them up to date on today's technology. Much like people recycle paper, glass and bottles so as not to harm the environmental surroundings and keep landfills empty of extra garbage, people should consider looking into recycling cellular phone to keep the world safe from the chemicals and toxins mobile phones have.

There are lots of charities like the Red Cross, The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Phones 4 Charity, Cellular phones For Soldiers and plenty of other charities that welcome used cell phones.

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