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How to Answer a Business Telephone System Professionally

By: Sandy. Switchboard   
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There are numerous business gurus you see on television who go into failing firms – who identify their strengths and weaknesses and low and behold…….they persuade the owner how to turn their business around. In the first revisit they note improvements but after a year they have reverted to their old ways and the bottom line is taking another downward spiral!

We don’t think there is such a panacea that can be rolled out for all the varieties of companies and industries that exist. However, there is one thing that each small business does that can influence their trade….and that is speaking to its customers. It’s how you converse with them that is crucial to the success of your services or sales. Every time a client or prospective customer dials your telephone number they are expecting prompt attention and to be greeted courteously and put through to a member of staff who can deal with the topic they have rung you up about.

There is a website that gives you ten pointers on how all telephone calls should be answered and for when you are calling them back. The whoisthis site provides candid guidance to business leaders and entrepreneurs on how their employees can make a difference to the way they interact through the business telephone system and hopefully stimulate a more personal relationship that will result in increased company profit. Don’t forget that it only takes a moment to upset someone which could lead to a loss of their custom. It could take years of careful communications to retrieve the situation that the lapse of concentration resulted in!

So why ignore this free “cheat sheet” that will guide all personnel into a more effective method in using their handset. Tagging www.whoisthis.co.uk on everyone’s favourite’s bar offers them instant access to words compiled by those who have run successful businesses. They have experienced both ends of telephone system conversations – from handling irate callers to negotiating complex contracts. Experience is gained painfully at times – so allow us to share our experiences with you so that you don’t fall foul of situations that can be avoided tactfully and where you can exploit an opening that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred, but for previous homework.

Your business telephone system is a tool that has so many features that are often overlooked. It is up to you to be aware of every feature that can be programmed on the buttons of your telephone or displayed in the LCD to let you be more efficient when you lift up the receiver – or perhaps a headset would be more beneficial as it releases both your hands to type notes on your PC relating to the discussion you’re having. Knowing who is ringing you before answering alerts you to how to phrase your greeting.

Don’t delay……click on Who Is This now to get the most from your business telephone system.

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