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How to Write Movie Review and Ratings

By: Michael Goodyear   
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Anyone might be interested in writing a movie review either as a hobby or a fulltime writer. A course in theater is not mandatory for one to be able to write a movie review. However, a few guidelines are important to give one better understanding. The first thing to do is watch the movie very critically and try not to enjoy the story. This may be done more than once to be able to understand the important aspects like establishing the actor’s names and categorizing their acting roles. A pen and paper will be necessary for taking notes. Movie reviews must have accurate information in order for them to be taken seriously.

When writing review and ratings of a movie, emphasis should be placed on making a summary and talking very little about the details of the plot of the movie. When it comes to audience rating, most movies in the United States are usually submitted for rating to the Motion Picture Association of Film Rating System that rates the themes and suitability for viewing. In other words, a movie will already be rated even though an independent movie reviewer can have their opinion. However, caution must be exercised not to recommend, for instance, a movie that is meant for mature audience for general viewing.

Film quality varies. There are some movies which have a lot of public approval and there are some with less approval. Making a good review must be objective and mention both the good and bad sides of a movie regardless of what people say. Opinions differ whether the movie budget or box office gross turnover matters but they are also essential in making ratings. One thing that writers of movie review and ratings should avoid doing is the use of film trailers to base their guidelines. Movie trailers can be very misleading as they may give too little or too much information. A good critic will always take his time to watch the movie in full, in fact, several times before giving it a review and rating.

Detailed movie reviews and ratings encompass important features like production details, that is, all the companies involved from shooting to distribution. The genre of the movie must be clear whether it’s an action, comedy, thriller, romance or horror film. Other subgenres could be country based e.g. Indian, Italian, Spanish or United Kingdom. The language, country of origin, filming location, and date of release should also be included.

Technical specifications like sound channels, color and aspect ratio of the movie should also be included. Enlisting and giving definition of keywords will also help in making people understand the movie better. A simple storyline, real names and stage names of the cast, names of director and writers should also be listed in the review and ratings. Finally, the number of words used to rate movies can vary from one paragraph to a whole page but the most important issue is to heighten the anticipation of a movie watcher. A good movie review and rating is important in the industry.

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