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Ideas for customizing the default Joomla templates

By: Stan Lem   
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A large number of organizations apply Joomla! Content management systems platform to develop their sites. w3techs stats state that around 2.7%of web pages online use Joomla! making a share of 10.5% among CMS systems.Brands like eBay, MTV, Harvard University, Citibank, Holiday Inn, Linux.com etc are using Joomla! for their valuable Internet programs.

Most people decide on designing their Joomla website themes from the beginning, yet the mass still chooses one of the three default Joomla themes and customize them depending on their goals, modifying the code and images. If perhaps you are focused on customizing the theme you should be aware of certain guidelines of editing Joomla templates without having to break any code or losing any files. To begin with you will need to customize the template clone but not the original. In case you modify the initial theme you can expect to run into the risk of the loss of your changes the next time you may want to upgrade Joomla !. You can easily suffer this since the program automatically upgrades not merely the primary code, but the web templatescode at the same time. There is one exciting aspect in relation to Joomla templates: you don't need to install them. Generating a new sub-directory for any different theme within the /templates directory is sufficient.

If you are going create your site in accordance with your own special customized version of many default Joomla template take into account the following steps:

1 Be sure you have got a ftp application and a text editor;
2 Make a new subdirectory for your new design like /templates/mytheme;
3 Copy the documents of your default template you are likely to alter right into that index;
4 Alter the theme data file called Details.xml inside the new web directory: update the text between the tags or change the additional tags if required.
5 Check that the new theme is the standard one by configuring this in the Joomla admin panel.
6 As a final point you are able renovate your Joomla with any new version and without exceptional work or chance of losing the web theme modifications.

Once you don't rememebr to alter the all the stuff will perform the job perfectly, but it can be tricky to reveal what web templateis definitely the basic one and what is the brand new one.

In case you are not planning to begin editing the standard themes but would like to get the ready-made designs, you may be free to see many Joomla templates on the web. Joomla templates are represented as both free of charge and commercial themes on the internet. We'd highly recommend to pay out a limited money amount for the professional layout with all the decent, flexible configuration and deserving assistance assistance, particularly if you're going to be constructing a serious online business website that would need further customizations. More than likely, you will gain expenses by needing less working hours and struggles to edit the template. A nice templates provider will also equip you with the proper instructions on editing/installing your template. Besides, totally free joomla templates often incorporate a fixed range of preferences, whilst the commercially made solutions provide more options, web template modules and add-ons for some custom blocks. Licensed commercial designs feature an capacity to control the width, columns, text sections, modules, styles in addition to other web theme parameters. That makes them much more needed compared to free or low-end web themes.

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