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Importance of UV Sterilizers in Your Tank

By: Arvel Troy   
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Microorganisms such as algae, bacteria and viruses cause many problems to flora and fauna. One of the most effective methods of dealing with this problem is use of ultraviolet technology found in the UV sterilizers. They come in many shapes and designs such as the Aqua Medic, Aqua Twist and Aqua Advantage UV sterilizer amongst others. The method of use varies because some UV sterilizers need to be attached to the tank while others are stable to stand. They combat the problem efficiently and you do not have to get concerned that the water will not be conducive for aquatic life after using these equipments. The microorganisms arise from the daily processes that go on in the tank. For instance, the food and waste products can lead to accumulation of algae and a host of other things. The aquatic life may have inward mechanisms to control the effect of these microorganisms to their systems but their defense mechanisms may not be effective for a long time. Hence, you need to establish an effective method that controls growth of these microorganisms.

The methods used in aquarium maintenance can also increase the bacteria and algae. If you do no use proper cleaning equipment such as the algae scrapers, cleaning pads and magnet algae cleaners, expect the accumulation to be threatening. You should come up with a workable cleaning plan and ensure all substances are removed from the walls of the tank. These also affect the oxygen levels in the tank as well as the clarity of water. It is also important to have UV sterilizers in your tank if you have installed an aquarium lighting system. This is because algae thrive when there is sufficient light. This will reduce growth of these unwanted plants along with the ones you have placed deliberately in the ecosystem. On the same note, your cleaning process should take care of the minerals inhabiting your tank. For instance, if you have a lot of phosphate in the tank, you give a platform for growth of algae. Get systems such as reverse osmosis that de-ionize the water.

Ensure you get the right UV sterilizers for the job. You want one that will last for a long time. Since maintaining a tank is important, budget for these equipments based on the cost in the market. Conduct your aquarium maintenance process first before placing the UV sterilizers. This ensures that substances that may be attached to the walls and the aquatic life are dealt with accordingly. Remember, you need to target bacteria, algae and others and not the dirt particles in the water. Therefore, ensure you stick to guidelines given with the model of UV sterilizers chosen. This is in regard to the watts needed for specific amounts of water. This means once the equipment is placed in the tank it should tackle the problem within the shortest time, with effectiveness and use the least watts. In short, you have some work ahead if you want your tank to remain clear of microorganisms without affecting aquatic life.

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