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Increase Workplace Efficiency with Scissor Lift Tables.

By: Morehead Gavin   
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Many thousands of industrial businesses throughout the world make excellent use of scissor lift tables on a constant daily basis. These lift tables’ basic design, that of utilizing interlocked heavy-duty steel legs to raise an attached platform on which loads are placed, has proven to be a key invention for use in many industrial workplaces. The popularization of scissor lift tables has helped significantly to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of many facilities in which there are tasks involving the frequent lifting and positioning of heavy materials. Please take a few moments to read the following succinct article to gain a good overview of the scissor lift table and it can be a highly efficient and cost-effective addition to your industrial company.

The hydraulic scissor lift table is one of today’s most frequently utilized lifting and positioning equipment. There are a number of key reasons for this widespread used of hydraulic scissor tables, which have dramatically increased the efficiency with which workers can complete tasks involving the raising and positioning of very heavy materials. The hydraulic scissor lift table, featuring high-quality steel construction, is available in a wide variety of different capacities to suit any industrial company’s material handling requirements. Other factors that business managers should take into account when purchasing hydraulic lift tables include platform size and service ranges. Fortunately, there’s many high-quality lifting tables available, ensuring models to choose from that will feature the capacities, deck widths, and raised and lowered height ranges to match any company’s needs.

Apart from their essential ability to raise loads that are far beyond human manual lifting capabilities, another key aspect of scissor lifts is their precision in positioning materials to the exact proper height for the worker. Prior to the invention and popularization of table lifts, work tables very often were purchased to accommodate the height of the “average” worker. However, since many workers were not of “average” height, a good deal of them had to either reach upward or stoop downward to perform their material handling tasks. Having to do so tended to slow them down. The ability of hydraulic scissor lift tables to raise or lower the work to the precise optimum height for the individual worker thus enables workers to perform their tasks more quickly and with greater precision.

This key capability of scissor lift tables to bring the work materials to the appropriate level for the worker is also hugely important from an ergonomic standpoint. Because hydraulic scissor lift tables eliminate instances of workers having to either reach with their arms or bend their torsos to any excessive degree, they significantly reduce instances of repetitive stress injuries, also often termed as cumulative trauma disorders. Different from sudden workplace injuries in that they develop over time, repetitive stress injuries nonetheless occur in industrial settings with considerable frequency and often result in increased health care costs, worker’s compensation claims, and injury-related absenteeism. Having the appropriate number of hydraulic scissor lifts in your facility will significantly help your company to reduce these types of costs. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify correctness of fit for applications.

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