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A claims adjuster is someone who investigates insurance claim. Various companies may differ in their insurance adjuster training requirements such as insurance policies or receipts for lost/damaged property. The first step to become an insurance claims adjuster, however, is to obtain a license. To obtain a license, insurance adjuster training is required.

Insurance and adjusting companies have extensive insurance adjuster training programs such as classes on insurance adjusting claims software and handling insurance claims procedures. Students should be aware of course specifics prior to spending money on Xactimate or other claims adjuster training classes. Some institutes have trainers that come from another state to teach courses, and since these classes are very expensive and insurance adjusting procedures vary from state to state, students should choose their insurance adjuster training courses very carefully. It is also important to note that there are some insurance adjuster licenses which are only available to insurance company employees such as the Company Adjuster License and Public Adjuster License.

Those interested in becoming an insurance adjuster should look at training facilities like the Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute (CATI), which is a certified educational facility provided by the Texas Department of Insurance. The courses at CATI are taught by instructors with experience in insurance adjusting and management. The training facilities have been created with perspective and certified insurance adjusters in mind and have therefore been created to provide students with accurate simulations of possible insurance adjusting scenarios.

Those who are interested in obtaining a Texas All-Lines Adjuster’s License should also look into schools, like the Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute, that provide the necessary insurance adjuster training courses. Other insurance adjuster training courses that insurance adjusters may be interested in include the following tiopics: Xactimate training, advanced Xactimate training and online continuing education for agents and adjusters.

Perhaps most importantly, the main goal of whatever insurance adjuster training school a person decides to go to should be to provide students with the tools and resources to become a valued staff person or claims professional whether they take insurance adjuster training courses online or at an insurance adjuster training facility. Some institutes have both online courses and courses offered at a training facility.

An insurance claims adjuster assesses the losses and damages that result from events such as floods, hurricanes and fires. In cases of vehicle damage, for example, companies find someone who can repair the damages after a skilled adjuster determines whether the vehicle is partially damaged or a total loss and determines the amount of liability the insurance company has to cover the damages. In the event of a natural disaster, several homes and buildings in one area will be partially or completely damaged. Adjusters sent to these areas will need to be able to process a large volume of claims accurately and in a timely manner. Due to the high expectations companies have of insurance adjusters, schools like CATI hire only specialists in the insurance adjusting field to teach insurance adjuster training courses. Insurance adjuster trainers must constantly update and expand their understanding of the field in order to provide the highest quality insurance adjuster training and advice.

Every insurance adjuster should be trained in Xactimate software which can calculate the cost of repairs for the reconstruction of residential and commercial structures. It also calculates required labor for the construction of walls, floors and roofs. CATI offers Xactimate training courses for insurance adjusters online. These courses contain nearly 1,500 support documents and include multimedia instructions. If insurance adjusters or students want to talk with the support person, the Xactimate service center connects them with the support staff. Xactimate has significant new features such as providing estimates for insurance companies, independent insurance adjusters, contractors and specialty service providers.

The most important and useful feature of Xactimate is its ability to perform graphics estimations. Once students/insurance adjusters learn graphics estimation, writing insurance estimates becomes much easier. Along with a license like the Texas Insurance Adjuster License, insurance adjusters trained in Xactimate software will be able to save time and money while helping companies make decisions regarding insurance claims.

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