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Interactive touch screen display mature

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Although for the signage, education and professional applications, interactive display technology has been around for many years, but needed to promote the rapid growth of the market innovative products to market is only now beginning, such as in the past year introduced touch-screen products and solutions. Held in Orlando this month, the exhibition also shows InfoComm2011 related technologies.

    2013 for various types of signage, education and professional applications, touch screen monitor global shipments will reach 5.4 million, and in 2010 was 1.4 million, as shown below. These displays including LCD, plasma, front projection and rear projection. 2009-2013 compound annual growth rate of the market will reach 56%.

Interactive displays on the way to go

    Interactive signs or professional display, with integrated touch-screen display TFT module. These displays are mainly used in the field of education, as an interactive whiteboard, as well as in retail and leisure facilities as guiding display. However, these products in public places and corporate conference rooms also have great potential.

    Interactive whiteboard market, has long been controlled by two companies: SMARTTechnologiesInc. And PrometheanWorldplc. But with the last year and Texas Instruments PointBlank Epson BrightLink technology introduction, any projector can serve as an interactive whiteboard. SMART and Promethean's electromagnetic resistive touch technology products, for relatively high-end interactive touch areas, and Texas Instruments PointBlank and Epson's BrightLink mainly for the mass market.

    TI InfoComm2011 on announced that it has OptomaTechnologyInc. And the NEC and other companies to cooperate with the PointBlank for the actual products. This will definitely give users easier access to interactive whiteboard technology, especially in the field of education suffer from financial constraints.

    PointBlank and BrightLink interactive technologies to achieve any surface without using a special whiteboard. The use of a camera and sensors with the pen, these technologies easy to use and allows users to display in the air or on the surface of the writing. Although PointBlank and BrightLink system allows more people to use interactive whiteboard, but these companies still face many challenges, including SMART and Promethean, compared with lack of market experience.

The projector in Education

    97% of the education market with touch screen front-projection technology; IHS predicts that this situation will remain until 2013. At InfoComm Conference, NEC, Panasonic, Hitachi and Epson and other manufacturers introduced for the education market front projectors, interactive touch display.

    NEC recently launched U310PW is a short projection distance of the projector, use Texas Instruments DLP chip, and has a virtual projector remote control. In addition, it can use the iPad as an input device. The company is developing multi-touch capabilities, and this projector developed Android operating system.

    Panaboard Panasonic recently introduced in the enterprise, K-12 education market even higher success. The product can be used with any projector that can handle up to three capacitive touch, size, including 77 inches and 86 inches.

    Epson demonstrated at InfoComm its BrightLink new version of an interactive projector, the product is no longer placed on the board above, but placed on a table. By using 3LCD chips, IR technology, interactive pen and turn the projector, it becomes an interactive desktop. It can throw a 100-inch image and use any type of software for education and business meeting rooms.

    All of these educational products also apply to corporate training and education applications.



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