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Interesting Facts About the Australian Crocodiles

By: Eric Dixon   
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You will discover a couple of species of crocodiles, on Australia, nonetheless they could hardly prove to be more distinct.
Fist there's the biggest and most dangerous crocodile species in the world, the saltwater crocodile species. There are many attacks and not to mention human fatalities related to salties.
on the other hand you'll find the freshwater crocodile regarded as one small to medium size crocodile species, and not viewed as risky to human beings, together with small amount of attacks and virtually no real human victims ever recorded.
Whenever visiting Australia while entering into crocodiles region, we need to keep in mind that basic fact to avoid any kind of occurrence.
Therefore let us understand a little more about them.

Saltwater crocodile fast facts

Saltwater crocodile -Size:
They are big, quite big, the biggest, measuring up to seven meters long, although, just as with just about all giant reptiles, you will come across common myths with reference to specimens of eight or nine meters or more, but as invariably not confirmed.

They will inhabit the north of Australia, around rivers estuaries and may even be found on the sea.

This specific species was first hunted down until such time as it had become pretty much vanished. However since the 1970's because they had been preserved their numbers have,in fact it is no more vulnerable.

Saltwater crocodile -Some other names: Saltie, estuarine crocodile and also indo-pacific crocodile

Special characteristic:

- This is the crocodile species with the greatest territory reaching right from Australia to the indian subcontinent and even all over Southeast Of asia.
- They are actually able to shooting their own body straight up about a third out of the water making use of their ultra powerful tail as can be seen on plenty of jumping crocodile cruise trips.

Freshwater crocodile fast facts

Freshwater crocodile -Size:
Measuring up to 3 meters in total length, small when compared to huge relative the saltie.

This crocodile also dwell in northern Australia, in estuaries and rivers lakes, swamps, billabongs. They can be located much more inland, far from Estuarine crocodiles.

This particular species was basically hunted down nearly to annihilation, when salties started to be hard to find. Yet since the 1960's they are protected by law and the species records increased, and now it is not anymore in danger.

Freshwater crocodile -Other names: Freshie, Australian freshwater crocodile.

Freshwater crocodile -Distinctive characteristic:

- This crocodile species can gallop at a great speed (maximum seventeen kmh) and therefore are probably the quickest, this is usually a defense system to help secure individuals from the much bigger saltwater or estuarine crocodiles.

All crocodiles are truly perfect reptiles, which usually perform a key task on their own eco-systems. Consequently they must be preserved. We will need to discover how to live in the crocodile planet simply because they live in the world in the preceding 210 million years, much longer time compared to humankind.

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