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Kitesurfing Adventures in the Caribbean

By: Susy Ged   
Date Added : June 29, 2011 Views : 375

Zenith Ocean Voyages was first conceptualized during mid 2009 at a Spanish beach bar. The mission of the company is "to deliver the ultimate kite experience by following the wind to some of the world's remote locations." The founders of the company searched the world for the ultimate vessel that can be used for this mission. They soon discovered that the right vessel to take on this challenge is the catamaran. The founders of the company then wasted no time to build a brand new catamaran called the Meercat.

This exhilarating experience in the Meercat can now be shared by many. A 7 or 10 day kite adventure across remote locations in the Caribbean is being offered by Zenith Ocean Voyages. Locations include; St.Maarten, Anguilla, Antigua, Barbuda, Guadeloupe, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St Vincent and The Grenadines. Moreover, a Zenith Master class is also available for the kiting hobbyist. Professional instructors and pro-riders will help to lead the way for newbies.

Whether it is the toe-side bottom turn, the blind judge or the triple handpass that needs to be improved, the Zenith Master Class is the answer. It helps participants to raise their level of success in the game. All classes will be tailor-fit to the skill level and specific needs of participants.

The advanced lessons for the Zenith Master Class will cost $100 for an hour, $180 for 2 hours and $240 for 3 hours. Packages for 4 or more hours are also available. Avail of any of these classes and learn to ride the waves with confidence. This is the best chance to polish that wakestyle technique and give a boost for that extra 10 feet. Unleash that kite boarding prowess within you by enrolling in the Zenith Mast Class.

There is another unique offering by the Zenith Ocean Voyages called the Zenith Ocean Film. This means a kite movie with you as the star. A kite film will be personalized that capture ones' kiting moves. It means having one's very own action sports film that are done by experienced professionals in action sports shooting. The state-of-the-art photography and filming equipment ensures that those picture perfect moments of catching, jumping and crashing waves will be captured beautifully. The latest model of full high-definition camera will be used. This allows for a perfectly captured slow motion film at sixty frames / second. Add to this the DSLR that boasts of lenses amazing enough to capture high definition stills and videos ideal for dual angle shots. Also to ensure the best close-up shot would be taken, GoPros would be used while Apple's Mac will be utilized in the editing process.

It is truly an exciting thought that one's action moves in the waters will be immortalized on short film that will be featured on the website. Even better with the Zenith Ocean Films offer is the chance to leave one's mark on the personalized movie since the participant will be made to voice out his ideas in the film creation.

What more could anyone ask for with this action packed, creative venture for posterity's sake!

Author: Susy Ged Website: http://www.zenithoceanvoyages.com Amazing Kiteboarding cruises in the Caribbean aboard a brand new Catamaran, Meercat. Great deals available on all Kite surfing trips. Come join us on our adventure!

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