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Knowing Virtual Bingo

By: Annabelle Cragosto   
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A game of gamble called Bingo is a game where you strike out numbers as they are randomly called, to get a winning combination. Bingo can be highly challenging to win. It is commonly also known as housie.
Bingo too has its types; One of them being the 90 ball bingo and the other 75 ball bingo. In the 90 ball bingo the player uses a 9x3 card. Here the card has 3 horizontal lines and 9 vertical. The entire card comprises of 15 numbers that are distributed into 5 numbers in each row. Each of the nine columns contains 1-9, 10-19 and the so on till the number 90. This type of bingo is played usually in 3 stages or they are also called as the winning combinations.
· One Line – Here the player needs to strike out all the numbers in one horizontal line.
· Two Line – Here the player needs to strike out all the numbers in two horizontal lines.
· Full House – In full house you need to strike out all the numbers in your card to win the game. The winning prize of the full house bingo is the largest.
In the 75 ball bingo the player used a 5x5 card wherein the centre square is free of number or is blank. The method to play can be striking numbers in a more facile pattern to more complicated pattern. Another type of bingo is the speed bingo. Here the numbers are called out fast. But it is played in exactly the same way.
There is also the Corner Bingo type where after a normal game of bingo the players try and stike out number from the corners and whoever strikes out the first 3, is the winner. In the Odd and Even Bingo only odd numbers or even numbers are called out and striked across.
Though bingo is a game of luck like all other gambling games, there are a few tactics or strategies that you may use. But there is no assurance, that it will help you win.
1. One of the first things to do, before bingo is choosing your own bingo card if permitted. Because sometimes they are given to the players in a sealed form.
2. Choose your cards with low numbers and avoid the high number cards.
3. Before you take the leap to the big bingo jackpots, try it locally or on a small scale.
4. A tip that you need to grill into your head is that never buy too many cards, to avoid having a hard time keeping a watch on them.
With the virtual world overtaking the real world, bingo is also played hugely online. The rules are the same as those in the real world. But the only difference is that the numbers are called by an automated system and the numbers strike themselves on your card. You don’t have to do anything.
Bingo is easiest game to play and earn but could also become a tough challenge. So gamble your luck at bingo.

Annabelle Cragosto loves to play slots online and bingo online.

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