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Luxurious accommodation in the motels of Echuca

By: Jami Hajduk.   
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Echuca has some exquisite facilities for accommodation purposes. Echuca accommodation facilities are rightly regarded as a jewel in crown of the Murray River. This area provides superior quality lodging facility with all possible luxury and comfort to their guests. They bestow a fully family and friendly atmosphere to them. The motel has pools, spa, children’s playing zone, tennis court etc. As such, it is an ideal destination for those families or couples who want to take a break from the routine life and proceed towards having a wonderful romantic escape. The motels/resorts built in Echuca aim to provide one of the greatest luxurious accommodations to its visitors.

This town was founded during colonial days by Henry Hop Wood in around 1850s. At that time, he brought small punt and operated it across Murray River. Later on, the town became larger, and a name was given to that little punt, called the Hop woods ferry. Even the town had a Post office named after the same man, but in 1855, its name was changed to Echuca. The accommodation Echuca is wonderful. It helps the people forget all their worries and troubles and helps them realize the fun which lies within this great place. People love to go back to this town time and again.

If someone is not keen on staying in Echuca for a long time, then they can go for accommodation Echuca in other adjoining places surrounding Echuca. It is wholesome fun for all people, irrespective of age and race. The people really are polite and generously help the tourists new in the place. Echuca accommodation has some great place where one can unwind and spend some quality time far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This place has many things to offer and is an ideal destination for relaxing. The people can freely enjoy the beauty of this place.

The Echuca accommodation motels are situated in the central part of the attractive places of Echuca. These are located only a hundred meters from river Campaspe, and the adjoining walking path along with the wonderful bird life. There are also golf courses in these motels. They are ideal for staying, and have spacious family and queen units, which are surrounded by lawns and beautiful gardens, and which ensures a refreshing stay at a moderate rate in the town’s economic accommodation option. The motels also provide apartments, which can accommodate eight people. They are preferable for dual couples, who are travelling together or for people who are in small groups.

Echuca accommodation motels have a great picturesque, and have direct access from the river. The motels of Echuca are truly excellent and have all the necessary special features which are required for a holiday. It has two or three bedrooms and also some self contained cottages and villas. The charges of these resorts also vary, and have a wide range of tariffs. Special offers are also available on prior booking of rooms in these luxurious motels. There are a variety of rooms for all kinds of occasions in an Echuca motel. This include family rooms, executive suites, spa rooms, deluxe rooms and bush view rooms for accommodating tourists in this quiet town.

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