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Making Photo Postcards

By: Cara Elliott   
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Would you like to send personalized postcards to family and friends to keep them updated about the current events in your life? No problem, you can easily do postcard printing at home with your digital pictures.

Two of the nicest subjects for your personalized postcards are your recent vacation and special family events. Of course, when travelling some people would rather just buy cards that are available in the bookstore or at the airport. But of course, let’s face it; your face is not featured there so it is not as meaningful as sending like a miniaturized photo album page. Or you have relatives in other places and you would like to send them a hard copy of your photos. But sending out several photos can be heavy and expensive in the mail, so you can opt to do a layout of several photos and send it as a postcard. The only thing that you have to make sure of is that your customized handiwork fits the standard requirements of the US Postal Service.

Here is a step by step process in making your high quality personalized photo mailers:

1. Use a photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop. The height of your design should be between 3.5” to 4.25” while the width should be between 5” to 6” for a landscape layout. You may opt to use only one photo and just put a border or caption or combine several photos. Just have a big photo as the main focal point and several smaller photos either on the bottom or on the side.

2. Use cardstock photo paper for your print because it is heavier and thicken than paper. Or if you opt to print your design on a standard photo paper, then you can just stick it on the card stock of the same size. Use decoupage glue for this purpose

3. To protect the printed side, use contact paper and stick it over your photo card. Remove the backing from the contact paper. Put the printed side face down on the adhesive side of the contact paper. Use a spatula to smooth out the air bubbles and trim the edges. The contact paper protects the photograph from the elements and handling in the mail.

4. Now work on the other side of the card. You can write the word “Postcard” on it or you can print it on a separate sticker paper. The size could be .5” x 2” and it will work fine. It is like a requirement of the postal service. Draw a vertical line across the middle of the card. The left side is where you should write your message, following the formatting required for postcards. If you have a longer message, then you have the option of making the message area wider, since this is a personalized card after all. You can draw your line separator a little farther to the right but do not make the message area occupy ¾ of the page.

5. Write your short message on the left side while the right side is for your recipient’s address as well as the postage stamp. So as not to stain your postcards, do not let it slide under the postal machine for stamping. Instead, ask how much the postage fee to a particular destination is and buy the exact amount of stamps for it. Stick the stamps on the upper right side and drop it in the box. You should find postcard printing to be an easy endeavor that you will want to do it again and again.

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