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Making a Solid Online and Offline Presence

By: Gary Maxwell   
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In today’s tough market, business owners have to be extra creative and imaginative with their marketing materials in order to draw in customers and get them to buy. With more and more customers getting picker in their purchases and businesses having shallower pockets, it becomes exceptionally important to promote more effectively. The sluggish economy adds up to the challenges in the market, so you need to come up with low cost marketing options. There are several low cost marketing ideas that can help your small business boost up sales and draw in cash, while spending so little.

One great material to start with is postcards. If you are to be asked if you still use business post cards today, your most likely answer would be no. With email and social media now available, post cards have someone been thrown on the side line. So the question most business owners ask is whether post cards are still the best tactic to use in reaching out to customers.

To businesses that have been using post cards and seeing results, there’s no reason to stop using these cards. This only means that you have uncovered the best tactic to make the cards work for your business. But you still need to continuously improve your cards to ensure of your presence in the market. If you hope to grow your business, then improvement is necessary but not to the point of spending a fortune just to give your cards a makeover.

The great thing with post card marketing is that you can use it in tandem to online marketing. If you have a web site and you are active on social media, you can include your web site and your social media accounts in your cards. This way, people have a way of knowing about your online presence.

The best thing you can do is divide your marketing budget between online and off line marketing. You can continue creating post cards to send to customers who don’t use the Internet or those who don’t know yet of your online presence. It is also important that you ensure your web site is attractive and information enough so people will be encouraged to check it out time and time again.

This will let you get the best of both worlds. You get to take advantage of both the traditional and modern marketing techniques. Still, it is important that you keep your cards well designed and send them consistently. You can’t expect everyone to take one look at your card and take action at once. People need at leave several exposures to your cards before they will make an action.

Make sure to offer interesting promos and product or services to guarantee that people will be interested in your business. Even if your cards are exceptions but your offer or products are not, people won’t still give you the time of the day. Tell people you are exceptional and they will try to verify this claim themselves.

Make a solid online and offline presence and you can be sure to reach out to your target customers effectively. Use your postcard printing to develop interest and get the results you desire.

Gary Maxwell is a postcard artist focused on internal illustration. Born and raised in Colorado, He is currently a freelance for postcards and designer promoting postcard printing.

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