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Most Common Pest and Their Control in Delhi

By: Nisha sharma   
Date Added : May 23, 2011 Views : 3002

Pests are the some harmful

species of animals for Humanís health, agricultural crops and animals. There

are various areas in national capital Delhi

where pest are active and providing harm to citizens. Pests are also known by

various other names like parasites, weeds, vermin, etc. A proper controlling of

parasites is necessary for the welfare of human beings. Most common pests are



This is the most common pest

found in most of houses. They are very harmful for humansí health. They spread

various harmful diseases in human beings by taking germs from one place to

another place. There are various products are available for controlling of

flies. Professional companies offer various spray liquids to kill them. Always

use these liquids with proper guidelines because this is a kind of poison and may

be harmful for human beings. All the things are properly covered and people

have a tape on his mouth and nose during the spray.


Cockroach is another common

parasite found in houses. They are very adaptive in nature and can survive in

variety of environment. They can be harmful for the household goods and food

items. There are various chemical products are available for the controlling of

cockroaches, but they can survive against them because of their adaptability.

The best way of get rid from cockroaches are proper cleaning, sweeping and

washing of all the part of houses. Store all the food items with proper

covering and sealing their harborages. 



Rats are another very harmful

pest for human beings. They spread diseases in humans and animals. They are

also very detrimental for agricultural crops and food materials.  Various rat kill products are available for

controlling of them. These products are must be used with great care and always

out of reach from children. All the foods items are properly covered during the

use of them. A proper cleaning and washing of house also reduce the breeding of



Bed bug

They are harmful for the health

of people. Various health problems can occur due to Bed bugs like skin rashes,

psychological problems and allergy. They are found in houses and especially in

beds or sleeping places of people. So a proper cleaning is required for

controlling them.



Termite is another harmful pest

for people. They can cause serious damage structure of buildings, crops or

plantation and forests. There are various companies offer termite treatment Delhi for their controlling.

To save your house and crops a proper supervision of termite is necessary. Hire

a specialized termite control Delhi based company for safety

for dangerous termites. Pest Control Delhi

These are some common pests and their

controlling techniques. Various companies offer their pest

control services in Delhi, but you can also control the pests by proper

cleaning of your house and donít allow to any kind of vermin to make habitant

in your home.

Nisha is an eminent analyst and writer in Pest & diseasecontrol related topics She has authored many books on pest control, Home & garden, guide for Pest Control Delhi and Delhi Pest Control ..

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