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New Life For Herbalife

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OF the many MLMs in the industry, Herbalife is easily one of the most stable. After a strong and secure start in the 1980's, Herbalife was able to expand beyond the realm of most other MLMs, establishing a presence in countries worldwide. Unlike most MLMs, Herbalife has a good reason to expand beyond the traditional bonds of the US and Europe.Even with Herbalife's steady start, their business began to decline in interest with North American clients. Fearing the worst, they began to look for solutions. In the end, they decided to expand to South America and other countries outside the realm of other MLMs.With dedication, the plan proved to be a success. The falling company was revived and began to thrive again.Developing a presence in South America created a market where once there was nothing. Having traveled around the world, I can safely say that Herbalife has done well to establish its presence in more countries than any other MLM.But does this mean that the company has actually been revived? Or is it just a case of recycling an outdated product in to a market that doesn't recognize it?It could be a little bit of both to be honest. Herbalife does use an older product line in the areas of weight loss programs and energy enhancement. Many of their products are soy based, which is generally considered to be beneficial only in the short term, and downright dangerous if overused. But they have been able to use their success in other countries to redefine their product line and business model.Over all their methods have potential? The biggest risk is not their collapse, but the possibility that they won't be able to rework their business model and product enough, leaving them having to relocate once more to markets that haven't already been tapped.If you happen to live in a South American country, or anywhere where MLM activity is scarce, then you have nothing to worry about. Herbalife is the best MLM available in smaller markets and provides a great base for a beginner in finance.However, if you life somewhere in North America or Europe, chances are you have lots of MLMs to choose from. Herbalife is currently not a front runner, but they are working to change this. If successful, they will be able to increase their product line and make prices more reasonable.The best thing Herbalife could do for themselves is to remake their compensation plan, in addition to adding new products to illustrate their growth as a company. Information about their compensation plan is hard to find, even on their website- the reason being that they haven't changed their plan since the 1980s.It goes without saying that in 2011, things are a lot different than they were almost 30 years ago.It's important for Herbalife to restructure their compensation plan if they want to compete with the thousands of budding businesses and big boys in the MLM industry. However, if they do make the needed changes, they may have an edge in the field with their holistic product line.They have an existing line of weight loss products, and energy and weight loss programs. They've even began marketing products for heart health and immune system boosts. Without more money put in to product development, it's hard to say that Herbalife is an amazing investment though.All the pieces exist for a truly outstanding company. With the right leadership, and an effort to take advantage of internet marketing, the company could be very successful in its field.If you're considering investing in Herbalife, keep a few things mind. They have one of the largest potential markets, especially in Spanish speaking countries. They have a lot of potential to become real competitors if they revive their existing line of products, even in countries with a lot of MLM competition.In summation- Banking on Herbalife is a gamble. The odds are definitely in your favor, but it's not a sure thing. Do your research before making your final decision.

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