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Online Guitar Courses versus Guitar DVD Packages

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We now know about the advantages of the internet and the reasons why private guitar lessons are being wiped away from existence. There remain two forms or avenues through which one may advance his knowledge or skill in guitar playing; through downloadable or shipped DVD packages or through online guitar learning lessons. So which remains as the best form through which you can learn the guitar or develop your amateur skills? There are advantages on both ends as well as disadvantages. What kind of factors should you best look at when you are examining the best online guitar course to undertake?

The first factor which you should take into consideration is the amount of time that you have on your hands available for commitment to learning guitar. The best online guitar course depends on this factor because whereas online guitar lessons may have a personal touch, the amount of time that you need to dedicate to this type of learning is a lot since one my need to reduce cost as this service is charged per month. Purchasable or shippable guitar course packages may have the advantage of flexibility and convenience which comes with the responsibility whereby you are left to schedule yourself.

We may take an example of a shipped DVD course to be the Gibson’s TM Learn and Master Guitar Package. This online guitar course comes complete with 25 DVDs and 5 jam along CDs plus a lessons reference handbook. The guitar course is very well structured and is inclusive of the many aspects that are contained in guitar playing. Each DVD is a topic by itself and is very systematic and aims to teach the learner by laying a strong fundamental musical foundation for more technical expertise that will be taught at advanced levels.

An example of an online guitar lessons course is the Jamplay. This course is offered online by a number of professional staff, possibly 40 or more, all of whom are available to guide students on the process of learning how to play the guitar. The online guitar course is broken down into topics but the payment is monthly and the topics are relayed via video. The advantage with the online guitar lessons is that the learner is able to ask questions and seek clarifications on the various aspects relating to the beautiful art.

The other factors that may affect the decision on whether to take an online guitar lessons course or purchase a DVD package is the cost. Most online guitar courses, due to the personal nature of the experience are slightly more expensive to undertake than the purchasable DVD package. The DVD package is cheaper for various reasons among which are the low cost of production per unit of the package. The packages are simply developed, then edited and then copied and shipped. For an enthusiast who simply wants to be able to play the guitar at an amateur level, then this cheaper alternative would be appropriate.

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