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Optimize the layout of the complete set of development of flat panel display industry

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"Eleventh Five-Year", the city unswervingly follow the road of new industrialization, well to do "nothing", "fuss" article, accelerating the development of the strategic growth of new industries, including LED industry has begun to take shape. In the field of backlight, Hefei with Haier, Changhong, and many other well-known home appliance enterprises; in the field of TFT-LCD panel, BOE has a 6-generation line and are under construction in the AUO serial LCD module, 2.5-generation line of blue-Ya Technology and 3.5-generation lines; in the LED car field, with JAC, Ankai, Changan Automobile and three well-known automobile manufacturers. As the number of LED projects and accelerate the implementation of supporting projects related to the core, the city is accelerating the formation of the LED industry chain, part of the link is expected to occupy high-end chain.

    After carefully listening to the reports and speeches, Sun Jinlong, said, Hefei as the main functional areas of national planning and strategy will focus on promoting the development of central China city of Little City with a demonstration area industries to relocate to the heart of the city, Hefei, Wuhu and mussels comprehensive experimental zone of innovation core cities and the national innovation pilot cities, close to the LED industry to turn out and supporting rings, science, resource-rich, LED industry has great potential. At present, the global LED industry is in rapid growth phase, the state and province attaches great importance to the development of LED industry, was the outbreak of the global demand for LED growth, the market prospect is very broad. Right now in the industrial upgrading and catch-up across the Hefei, the LED industry to actively seize the golden opportunity, give full play to the advantage of comparative advantage and strive to expand the industrial scale, speed up to enhance core competitiveness, efforts Hefei will become important to build the LED industry base.

    He pointed that the LED industry to accelerate development, to system planning, speed up the pace, full break. The development of industry development plan must adhere to demand driven, careful analysis of domestic and international market demand, as a development basis. Meanwhile, at home and abroad to study carefully the supply of the LED industry, and on this basis to promote the accelerated development of LED industry to think of specific measures; to adhere to the major projects for the lead, continue to the "big opening" concept, the formation of the industry attract Shang a strong offensive. According to the "big projects - chain - industrial clusters - industrial base," development ideas, the focus on China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Europe and other regions attracting large and cited strong, high-end projects to gather a large number of fat development, and constantly enhance the industry as a whole competitiveness; to rely on science and education benefits, to undertake the innovation, and innovation in the development, to attract a group of talented people together and increase the field of LED technology development, foster a number of highly competitive in domestic and international leading companies, industry control development initiative and the right to speak; to strengthen policy guidance, to lay the "combined" to strengthen the coordination of policies, the policy into effect for the development of power, in particular, to highlight the incentives of the "pioneers", "pioneer "to encourage, support and guidance role in promoting Hefei LED industry bigger and stronger.

    He pointed emphasis, Hefei appliance industry is a history of industrial output value of hundreds of billions, for the LED industry provides a good application of the nearest market. On the basis of the existing, to continue to increase investment, strengthen the home appliance industry base to further consolidate the status. On the one hand to encourage and guide enterprises to continuously expand the scale of existing appliances, enhanced strength, the other to continue to recruit large lead strong, incremental expansion, for large projects at home and abroad to attract big business to come.

    Wu Chun-rong said that in promoting the development of LED industry in the process, to keep pace with the core business, relying on the huge LED application market, give full play to a good location and the market environment, comprehensive benefits, do everything possible to introduce domestic first-class enterprises, to better lead the city's LED industrial development and growth; to seize the technological high ground, through the promotion of research cooperation, the establishment of industrial development "think tank" and other ways to master a number of core technologies, to provide technical support for enterprise development; to highlight the policy guidance, in the land, taxes, etc. to give preferential policies to accelerate large-scale development of LED industry in Hefei


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