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Outdoor LED display contrast resolution

By: zerry xu   
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Direct-view light emitting diode (led) technology is the realization of outdoor digital identification system used by the mainstream technology, but the development of this technology for measurement and evaluation of contrast brings many interesting challenges. When people use for a particular display technology or more in a variety of vendors to choose suitable display device when the display with several other important parameters like contrast is also a key consideration.
Most people agree that the display industry, few end-users can truly understand the image's brightness, color gamut and fidelity in the breadth of the contrast of the display are what impact, however, to television as the main consumer of the liquid crystal display (LCD) Consumer manufacturers, in contrast, intense competition, but did not slow down. With the variability of the test variables associated with different methods of testing, the manufacturer announced the contrast index may be almost any value, however, contrast the actual change in the space is limited. Currently, dynamic contrast ratio specification parameters (dynamic-contrast-ratio specifications) is becoming increasingly popular and gradually accepted by people.
 Large-size liquid crystal display part
In order to better talk about this subject, it is necessary that we first look at the basic large-size LED display unit --- LED modules. Arranged by modules within the framework of the prefabricated and then assembled together, these frameworks, and finally through the coordination between them, power consumption and signal, it can constitute any size and any resolution of the TFT display.
In most of the LED module, the hood was installed last part of this so-called "hood" components is a collection of blinds, it is the basic module is assembled before being fixed installation up, under this component of the off-state light performance measurement is extremely important, the name comes from the hood to make it from sunlight LED panel.
In general, display less direct reflection of the sun, the higher its overall contrast. For most outdoor devices, most of their time during the day should be subjected to sun exposure, so manufacturers must strictly designed visor, in order to ensure the display to work properly. The design is a sun visor on the display contrast and viewing angle to find the best balance between work.
In addition to LCD TFT module visor design, the visor surface texture processing (texturing approach) will also affect the ultimate number of ambient light is reflected to the observer's eyes. In general, this is the processing method, rough surface and semi-smooth surface of the difference is, it will diffuse more effective way of reflecting ambient light, which provide viewers with a darker off state, thereby improve the display uniformity of the contrast of each perspective. In comparison, the final polishing process of coating, the light incident angle from the direction of view seems to be rather bleak, so in theory, allows manufacturers to provide higher contrast. However, the direction of the coating in the angle of reflection will have a serious glare, which would affect the side view (side-angle viewing) effect.

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