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Planning a Wedding – Don’t Forget the Favours!

By: Gemma Hope   
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Planning a wedding can be somewhat akin to planning a military operation – there’s so much to do and so much to think about that small items like Wedding Favours. You probably have so much to think about that you’re a bit overwhelmed and wondering how you can make sure that everything goes smoothly on the big day.

You have to find the right dress and shoes, organise the bridesmaid dresses, the flowers, the reception, the seating arrangements, invitations, photographs, transport.... and so on. There’s so much to do that the favours might easily be overlooked and left until the last minute.

Don’t despair, there are plenty of websites that have a huge range of favours to suit all occasions and they will supply your favours, making sure that they are delivered in time for your special day.

Checking out the websites will give you a good idea of just how much choice you have here. There are all types of favours to suit all types of weddings. You can choose from a mindboggling array of these small gifts and make sure that you find something to suit both the type of wedding you’re planning and your budget.

The companies that specialise in supplying wedding favours offer them in a range of themes so you’re sure to find something that will suit you, no matter what colours you are using and no matter what table decor you have chosen for the reception. The themes range from the casual, Beach favours, Fairytale favours, Whimsical favours, to the more sophisticated Elegant range of favours. You can choose your favours by season (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) or by culture (Asian) or by type (Eco-friendly or Practical).

If none of those float your boat, you can choose the favours by colour – ensuring that everything matches your dress and flowers and tableware.

If you’re stuck for ideas, looking on some of these websites is a sure way of gaining inspiration. You know your guests and you can make sure that you find a range of favours that will delight everybody. One useful type of favour is the table camera; this will give all of your guests the opportunity of keeping their own record of your special day.

You can order all types of packaging for your favours – from small organza bags in a rainbow array of colours, to tiny personalised boxes with your name and the date of your wedding. You can choose edible favours, such as the traditional sugared almonds or small tins of mints. You can even have hand decorated biscuits carefully styled to complement your wedding theme. There are soaps and candles, manicure sets and fans, bottle openers and golf tees. There are so many different types of favour to choose from that you’re sure to find something that suits everyone.

Giving favours to your guests is a wonderful way of letting them know how much their presence on your special day means to you. They will be thrilled that you have taken the trouble to provide each one of them with a memento of the event with all the other organisations tasks that you have had to contend with. This will make your wedding special for your guests as well as for you and your family. If you choose the right sort of favours, you are sure to delight everybody in attendance.

So, if you’re planning a wedding and find that you have so much to do that you just can’t think straight, head on over to some of these specialised online shops and choose to have your favours supplied and delivered ready for the day.

Sarah Forbes is the author of this article on Wedding Favours. Find more information on Favours here.

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