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Play a leading role in guiding e-Development Fund to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading

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Electronic information industry as a pillar of economic and social development, pilot and strategic industries, and for the promotion of employment opportunities, spur economic growth, industrial restructuring, changes in development and maintenance of national security has a very important role. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, around the national economic and social development in the Tenth five-year plan to determine the objectives, in accordance with the relevant central building an innovative country, to maintain stable and rapid economic development, promote the general requirements of economic restructuring, the industry conscientiously implement the electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan, and secure the international financial crisis, to achieve the industry by leaps and bounds. The scale of China's electronic information industry increased from 3.8 trillion yuan to 7.8 trillion yuan; exports increased from $ 268,170,000,000 to $ 591.2 billion, accounting for exports rose from 35.2% to 37.5% for national economic and social development of the important contribution.

Breakthroughs in core technologies to enhance industry competitiveness

Software and IC industry is the core of electronic information industry and the soul of the Electronic Development Fund of the key support areas.

In the field of software and information technology services to enhance the capacity of independent development of software industry as the core, from 2006 to 2010, the Fund strongly supports the development of various infrastructure software with independent intellectual property, information security software, industry application software, software and information technology Outsourcing, cloud computing support software products, total support for 561 projects, funds will be arranged 931 million yuan respectively, accounting for 30.7% and 26.8% of the total funds.

Funds to support a strong impetus to software and the rapid development of information technology services industry, software industry scale of 391 billion yuan from 2005 to 2010 of 1.3364 trillion yuan, exceeding the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" goals and tasks; promote electronic information adjust and optimize industrial structure, the software industry accounted for the electronic information industry rose from 10.2% in 2005 rising to 18% in 2010.

Groups based software breakthrough.

Red Flag Linux operating system, NeoShine Linux operating system, the Kylin operating system and other applications on the server side has been more mature, initially with the same software with the ability to compete abroad, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign software.

China-made products are widely used database. Wuhan of dreams, the NPC gold positions, Tianjin Shenzhou GM and other domestic installed capacity of hundreds of thousands of sets of the database.

In the field of integrated circuit industry to build chips with a large chain for the target machine, the Fund focus on digital multimedia chips, network communications chip, smart card chips, semiconductor lighting devices, new power electronic devices and other areas, focusing on the digital TV chip, 3G Mobile chip, the IC card chip with a second card, LED chips and other products. 2006 to 2010, total support of 175 projects, funds will be arranged 396 million yuan, accounting for 9.6% of the total projects and 11.4% of the total funds. Cf electronic development fund management in 2005, has set up the integrated circuit research and development funds, as the "Eleventh Five", the total support of 209 projects, invested a total of 1.95 billion yuan.

The Fund's support and, driven by China's IC industry growth rate higher than the global average annual growth rate of 10 percent, is the world's fastest growing integrated circuit industry, one of the regions, the proportion of total global output close to 10%, sales revenue worldwide increased from 4.5% in 2005 to 8.6% in 2010, rising international status.

IC design capabilities significantly. Design firms generally have the 0.13 micron technology and design capabilities million scale.

Self-designed integrated circuit product types are continuously enriched. Network router chips, 3G mobile communications chips, mobile Internet chip, chip, digital television, high-performance processors and chips and other high-end information security products successfully developed, TD-SCDMA terminal chipset shipments of more than 30 million, second generation ID card with non-contact IC card chip applications amounted to 1.15 billion.

Chip manufacturing process greatly enhanced. SMIC 65nm volume production, the success of 45-nanometer manufacturing process development; CSMC, Shanghai Hua Hong NEC and other companies successfully developed a high-voltage analog, mixed analog-digital and power devices and other special process, the gap between the advanced world level reduced.

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