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Precautions to be taken while choosing pool equipment

By: Nicholas Bluenow.   
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Swimming pools are great places to refresh. It has also been found that spending an hour a day in the swimming pool would reduce stress and help reduce chances of heart attacks. There is also an increasing craze for different types of swimming pools to be constructed inside the houses. Though swimming is good for health, enough care has to be taken that the swimming pool and the surroundings are clean to avoid any health complications. There are many micro organisms in water which can cause different skin, eye and ear infections if the water in the swimming pool is not treated from time to time properly. To maintain hygienic conditions in the swimming pool, it is very important to select the right pool equipment.

There are several pool equipment firms in the market today. Though all of them market different kinds of pool equipment, it is very important to choose quality equipment for durability. Generally pool equipment would include: pool pump – used to fill and evacuate water in the swimming pool, pool heater: to control temperature of the water in the pool, pool filters: to filter water in the swimming pool, chlorinating machine: to chlorinate the water and thereby to make it bacteria free, etc. Other equipments like lights and covers for the pool are also important.

For pools where competitions would be held, racing lane dividers may be installed. However, for a swimming pool in the premises of one’s home, they may not be required. Lifebuoys form important pool equipment which is useful for new swimmers and learners. Pool equipment such as lights and heaters would ensure a great swim even during night. However, due care has to be taken to keep the ground lights around the pool to be far from the pool to avoid insects getting attracted to them and later falling into the pool. It is also important to cover the pool when not in use to avoid dry leaves and other particles falling into it.

There are different pool filters available in FRP or MS or SS construction. The latest SS 316 filters would provide easy and maintenance free operation. It is also important to install gutter drains as part of the pool equipment to ensure waste particles to drain out of the pool. Though filters and gutter drains are installed, it depends a lot on the swimmers to maintain the pool clean. This can be done by wearing proper swim suits, head gears and swim goggles to avoid any damage to the individual as well as to keep the water clean.

Last but not the least, enough care has to be taken while choosing and installing stainless steel ladders in the pool. Those made with good quality steel have to be chosen.

There are several quality pool equipment manufacturers in the market like Zodiac, Onga, Monarch, Davey, Hurlconl, poolrite, etc. One can choose the pool equipment depending upon the requirement of the pool. One can purchase quality pool equipment online too.

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